About Us


Bizzield explores why it’s necessary to engage your mind and body positively to stay healthy, and then gives suggestions on how to do it.

So what value does Bizzied provides? 

The Art of Healthy Living – We believe in thoughtful exploration of how we shape our thoughts, our experience of the world and ultimately our health. We provide advice for positively impacting our life experience as well as our health if we are willing to commit to consistent practice of forgiving ourselves and practicing healthy self-love. Rather than a quick fix, we provides a road map to lives of harmony, happiness, and health.

We create our world every minute of every day, but do so unconsciously based on what we have been told, our cultures and customs. These programs run in the background and it takes some effort to recognize them and change them. At Bizzield we not only shows how we do this but shows how, with some diligence, we can change our personal reality.

As a reader, most of the articles on this blog may not be new to you. However, it is presented in such a fresh and easy to grasp way that you would like to refer to friends. Understanding that we each create our own reality is one thing and being able to consciously make changes is quite another.

If you, your friend or family member think that you are a little fitness freak about your health or you love to be a bit more organized as compared to other family members, then you are at the right place…

If you are just starting your health journey and have heard about various remedies to lose weight, spent lot of time working out in gym or even if you have used various oil products to protect hail loss and creams to protect your skin from UV rays, etc, etc.. we can help you too.

Our blog is meant to engage your mind positively to stay healthy and provide awareness about general health issues.

We post inspiration, health tips and multiple articles on many health topics. Bizzield was started with an aim to provide health-related information’s which they face in their daily day to day life.

Author of Bizzield was very much passionate about health like many of you in his twenties and had lot of advice from various health/nutritional specialist, gym trainers, etc., many of that advice worked for him but few of them, of course, was a bad advice and after few years he realised that he could pass upon his experience to others, who all look for health-related advice. But yes all the pieces of advice shared on Bizzield does not guarantee that author has faced himself, it may be purely based on his research.

Philosophy on Healthy Living

The advice/tips/inspiration shared on Bizzield may differ. Our advice is to feel simple as each individual has his or her set of needs that may differ from another when comes to health advice on the art of healthy living.

  • Be careful with the gurus who promise weight loss in one week if you would only follow their instructions.
  • Find which type of exercise gets you result.
  • Manage your stress level, love your family and relationships and enjoy your work-life.

So, let’s get connected on Bizzield.com for the latest update on easiest and healthiest ways to keep your health in wellness. Check out for health tips & advice on how you can improve the art of healthy living!

If you think you can contribute, you’re most welcome. You can email us at bizzield01@gmail.com.