How to Delete a Page From Facebook?


If you want to delete a Facebook page, you will find three different options to do so. You can unpublish a page, use the Facebook Business Manager to delete the page, or restore a deleted page. Each option will explain how to delete a page and what you should do after you have deleted it. These methods are all effective and allow you to keep your page if you decide to republish it later.

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Unpublishing a Facebook Page

If you want to hide your Facebook page from the public, you can do this by unpublishing it. Unpublished pages do not show up in recommendations and activities will not be visible to others. Some people use this feature to create private business pages. You will see a message stating that your page is hidden, but you can still visit it. To do this, follow the steps below. Note: To republish your Facebook page, you will first need to unhide it.

To unpublish a Facebook page, log in to your account. Click Settings. Click the “Your X Pages” option. Choose ‘Page unpublished’ and save the changes. Once your page is hidden, you can reopen it by clicking ‘Publish Page’ and following the steps outlined above. However, this method is only a temporary fix. You can always publish it again later. To publish it again, select ‘Page published’ and save your changes.

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Using Facebook Business Manager to Delete a Page

If you want to delete a page from Facebook, you can do it in several ways. The first is to remove it from the public domain. This is possible through the Business Manager section of your page. You can also unpublish it and change its visibility. This will cause the page to show as “Page unpublished”. Alternatively, you can remove it from the public domain. This method will delete the page permanently. There will be no confirmation email after the deletion, and it will take place on the date you select.

If you are not an admin, you can use Facebook Business Manager to delete the page permanently. Once you’ve done this, your page won’t be visible to anyone else. It will be unpublished until you publish it again. Alternatively, you can delete the page by selecting “unpublish” on the Edit Page tab. However, remember that you cannot restore the page after you’ve deleted it.

How to Restore a Deleted Page

If your page has been deleted by mistake, you can try to recover it by following the steps below. Facebook will allow you 14 days to recover deleted pages. If you don’t recover it within that time, Facebook will delete your page permanently. Fortunately, recovering deleted Facebook pages is easy and safe. Follow these steps to recover your Facebook page. Then, you can try reactivating your page. However, if you want to recover your page before the fourteen days are up, be sure to restore it.

First, make sure that your page was actually deleted by mistake. If you did not receive a notification when you deleted your page, Facebook is unlikely to restore it for you. It may be because your page was removed for using a fake page or account.

Facebook will delete a page if it learns that it was created fraudulently. You may also have violated Facebook’s rules on cover photos. You cannot use more than 20% of your cover photo on a page, otherwise, the cover photo will be removed. You should check Facebook’s rules regularly, as they change from time to time.


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