Know the whole story behind the two-season Uefa ban on Manchester City

Manchester City
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

The above lines are enough to reveal the fact that we are about to discuss here. Manchester City is going through a two-season ban from the foremost champions League and a severe fine. Reportedly, Mikel Arteta has also tried perfume mysteriously framed questions amidst the premier League investigation into Manchester city for the champions of that season. Even after vehemently denying the indulgence in malpractices, the town has lodged an appeal to the court concerning arbitration for sports.

He adds, ” I was shocked, and being in contact with Pep and the people at the club that I know I feel for them because I know they are suffering. The admiration and love that I have for Pep, I know how hard they work, and I hope a positive thing can come from this”. I want the best for Manchester city; I do because that is the way I feel. I don’t think we know at the moment what can happen and if there is any further action for other clubs. I love a lot of people there, and I am so grateful for the time that I spend there, so the only thing I want for them is positive. I wish the best for them and hope for a good outcome.”

On the other hand, Steven Gerrard’s statement is another critical thing that should not be missed in this regard. He submitted to the Premier League Investigation that – “I am interested in it for obvious reasons. It is what it is. Manchester City was championed”.

Even in 2018, a leading team finished the second position in the Premier League, that too, with 19 points behind the city! 

Of course, the news sounds insane, but that’s something worth a dig!


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