10 Best Modern Bathroom Ideas to Suit Every Style


Create your hip bathroom by adding a little creativity and give your bathroom a fabulous makeover. Transform your bathroom with these ten chic ideas and let your bathroom be an inspiration among your kith and kin. What’s more interesting is these styles can be adapted seamlessly into any bathroom styles.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

  1. Go for an all mirror themed style for the small bathroom

If for a small bathroom space like a studio apartment or small luxury bathroom every single area needs to be utilized wisely to make the most of it. Famous city side apartment complexes are adapting all mirror themed style. Like a door-less showering area, with industrial-grid like glass tiles in the walls and glass shutter doors with a large sized mirror gives an illusion of a larger bathroom yet visually appealing.

  1. Sleek Vanity Units

Minimal is the key here when it comes to bathroom storage. You don’t want to erect a large storage unit and make it look like a mini-storage room. Instead, add an elegant, sleek vanity unit for storing only the essentials and on its top set up an aroma candle with bath balls or stones to create a ‘Zen’ bathroom atmosphere.

  1. Change Your Showering space into a style statement

Rainforest showers are gaining popularity in the contemporary style bathroom due to their rich and dense water flow which is designed to give the customer a genuine natural experience. Attach a sleek bench from the wall in the shower space which provides a chic spa-like ambiance. When the shower is not in use, have the option to fold the bench against the wall.

  1. Tub

The tub is the one thing which is inevitable in any designer bathroom suites. Even a basic tub model adds a sophisticated look to any bathroom style. Spice it up by placing the tub near a large window, in your master bathroom suites, which opens up to the outer greenery area. There is nothing more calming than soaking in a tub with the green backdrop. Add a luxury quotient to your tub by installing a hanging chandelier at top of your bathtub or a two-three set of dropping pendant light to give a sparkling light effect. These accessories are undoubtedly a mood enhancer.

  1. Go for a concealed toilet

Over the years the innovative ideas in the bathroom styles had changed some of the traditional designs like the close coupled toilet model. Opting for a wall mounted concealed toilet gives a neat look and adds more space to your bathroom. Here, place the cistern unit behind the wall in which the toilet pan alone is visible. This state-of-the-art piece is a fast choice among many modern bathroom designs. This also goes well with a smaller sized bathroom or cloak bathroom styles.

  1. Recessed Walls

One of the trending designs in a modish bathroom is designing recessed walls. No more extra protrusion or stands which cramps the showering space or in the tub area. Alternatively, designers choose recessed wall shelf idea which maximizes the bathing space and creatively makes use of the bathing walls effectively. Recessed Walls are a beauty statement yet with purpose and function. Place your shower gels and bathing needs that is seamlessly blended into the wall.

  1. Orchid Flowers

Natural plants and flowers always add beauty and serenity to any part of your home. Especially for the bathroom, there are few flowers which thrive well in less sunlight and moist surroundings like “Orchid Flowers”. These thick flowers also come in various colors and shapes which adds an extra vibrant to your bathroom space.

  1. Glam Lighting Ideas

Bring out every detail of your bathroom design with elegant accent lights. For instance, remove the harsh makeup bright lights and instead choose a minimal behind the mirror lights to give a fresh and stylish look.

  1. Bold and Contrast Wall decor

Create an intimate effect to your bathroom by painting one side of the wall, a dark deep shade which contrasts with the rest of your wall color. Or place dark tiles to give a bold dark statement to your bathroom design. For example, a modern hexagon pattern black tile wall adds a character to your bathroom instantly.

  1. Flooring for every individual need

Wooden flooring gives a cozy ambiance and pairing it up with a large cashmere large rug in the center of your bathroom gives a beautiful addition. This rug takes care of the little water drips and keeps the bathroom away from moisture and mold formation. Other flooring ideas like pebble flooring, especially under a tub, is an excellent choice which provides anti-skidding property due to their traction between wet feet and floor.


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