7 Tips on Choosing Jewelry for Outfits for the Fall


Fall fashion is all about layered style. Being able to seamlessly transition from one layer to the next is the hardest part about choosing your outfits.

You don’t want to look like you’re wearing the same thing everyday, but still need the option for each item to be interchangeable. Fear not.

The right jewelry can save the day. When choosing outfits for the fall, be sure to remember these tips on choosing jewelry.


1. Tiny is Timid

You won’t make a bold statement with delicate pieces of jewelry when they’re worn solo. Tiny pieces are timid so they should only be worn with deep necklines where you want the garment to stand out.

Save these pieces for when you’re in formal wear or work clothes. You can make more dainty jewelry work with your bulky fall clothes if you layer them.

Choose a lightweight v-neck sweater and your favorite choker necklace for a fun fall look. 

2. Try a Tube

Tubular jewelry trends are on the rise. If you can make these thick chokers work, they add a chic touch to your fall fashion because they’re in chic metallic styles that stand out against neutral color palettes.

You’ll get compliments at both work and bars alike with a sculptural piece of statement jewelry. Choose a quality design that won’t leave your neck turning green at the end of the night.

Good pieces are solid, but not heavy on your neck so they’re easy to wear for extended periods of time. Thick jewelry is perfect for the trenchcoat/blazer look if you want it to go from day to night. 

3. Stacked Rings

The stacked ring trend is here to stay. Stacking your rings adds a little bit of bling to your hands without making you look gaudy. 

The great thing about wearing stacked rings during the fall is that it won’t take away from your outfit. You can rock a bulky turtleneck and still accessorize when there’s no room for a necklace.

Stacked rings are a great way to add color bringing together even the most eclectic outfits for the fall. Shop both silver and gold stacked ring options or create your own combo.

They don’t need to stack perfectly to look amazing, only fit on your fingers in a way that still allows them to comfortably bend during day to day tasks.

You can make ensembles of stacked rings from found jewelry around the house or by doing a little thrifting to find interesting pieces. Online shops like https://www.dreamlandjewelry.com/ include a wide range of ring options to keep your look fresh. 

4. Pop Of Color

Do you love to dress in neutrals like greys and blacks during the Fall season? Some people save these somber colors for the winter but if you’ve opted to bring out a monochromatic style during the fall, there are ways to still celebrate the season.

You can bring in a fall red or brown using a necklace with bright pop of color. Think beyond the flashy colors of spring. Deep auburn or purples make your outfits for fall stand out. 

The best part about this jewelry is that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Many costume jewelry shops make amazingly affordable pieces for you to try with your monochrome color palette.

If you really want to spice things up, try adding a matching lip stain to coordinate your outfit even further. Lip stains that match your jewelry are all the rage in 2020 with pairings available by many top beauty brands. 

5. Rhinestone Drops

Not everyone looks to fancy frills to feel more formal. A dress with sleek lines brings your appearance to a more formal state. 

But the jewelry here is tricky. You don’t want to add a necklace and risk dressing down your well fitted formal wear.

Sometimes the wrong necklace makes your outfits for fall look too casual. Enter rhinestone drop earrings.

With warm-colored gemstones, your earrings pop taking any attention away from a bare neckline. This outfit idea works best with a solid colored dress so you can experiment with multicolored gemstone designs. 

Try designs set in gold to mimic the colors of the season. Pair with a pair of neutral pumps and pantyhose. 

6. Chains

Looking for an outfit that’s on trend? Add chains to your outfit when setting up your style for the fall.

Chunky chains made a comeback in recent years, but are now available as bracelets. These chains are most popular in gold where they shine against any outfit you wear.

Make sure you choose a size appropriate for the material in your blouse. Delicate fabrics like silk and satin can look odd with a super thick gold chain around your neck.

Avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume by keeping the thickness of the chain and the style of your attire balanced. You’ll find that thicker chains work best with casual tops where the chain is the belle of the ball. 

7. Earring Creep

Earrings that creep up your ears are perfect during fall weather. They celebrate gemstone clusters, pearls and rhinestone designs allowing them to dominate your earlobes.

Choose an extended earring to make your outfits for fall stand out.

Outfits for the Fall Season

Jewelry makes outfits for the fall season. You won’t achieve the same high fashion look with plain necklines and bare wrists.

Adorn yourself with cool accessories to boost your confidence while on the go. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.


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