7 Tips On Managing A Viral Social Media Account


Do you want to go viral?

Going viral is the dream of many people managing a social media account. It means that more people know about them, will find out about them, and will pay more attention to them on the Internet. Why choose social media platforms for going viral, though?

This is because at least 3.8 billion people are using social media at least once a day. It’s a great way to ensure that you go viral as fast as possible. Once you go viral, though, what’s the next step for you to take?

Below are some tips that will help you manage your new viral account. Give them a read and prepare yourself for viral fame today!

1. Develop a Voice and Image For Your Brand

Do you want to know how to go viral? The best way for you to do so is by creating a unique voice and image for your brand.

People want to follow something new or unique. They don’t want to follow a brand that’s similar to something they already know. A new brand brings them excitement and curiosity.

This makes it important to consider the brand image you’ll develop carefully. Doing so makes it easier for audiences to identify your brand when faced with different choices. A great way to do this is by creating a logo that defines your brand.

Create a logo that will be familiar and catch the eyes of people browsing social media. Using certain colors can help your logo become more eye-catching.

The voice of your brand will also matter. This determines whether you’re a family-friendly brand or a professional brand. This is important to make your brand more relatable to your intended audience.

2. Research Your Audience and Know What They Want

How will you find out what appeals to your audience? Doing some research on your demographic is the best way to do so. It allows you to find out which tone of voice will they find more appealing.

Doing your research is also a great way to increase your searchability on social media. This is because you’ll be doing keyword research to make your brand more searchable on different platforms. This is important because you’ll be using the same keywords later on while building and maintaining your brand.

3. Create Quality Content

Your next step is to create content that your followers will love. With the research you’ve done, creating content that’s sure to generate leads should be easy. You can incorporate the keywords you’ve gotten into the content you make, too.

The main benefit of content creation is that it allows your brand to appear as an active one. People prefer brands that update them on the regular. Be it blogs or simple status updates, followers will appreciate and enjoy what you post.

Doing this also makes your brand more appealing to the search engine algorithm. The only thing search engines hate is recommending dead and inactive brands to users. This is why there’s a lot of priority put on brands that post something at least once a day.

4. Engage With Your Followers

Now that you’re posting content, people are likely to leave some comments on them. You can read up to know the opinions of your followers on your brand. Once in a while, you’ll also find someone asking a question about you.

Answering these questions is a great way for you to engage with your customers. Doing this shows that you’re a brand that cares about the satisfaction of your customers. Not only will you gain the loyalty of those you answer, but you’ll also gain the favor of the other people who see this happening on your posts. 

5. Develop Relationships With Other Brands

Developing your relationship with your customer isn’t enough. You should also develop some relationships with other brands while you can. What’s great is that other brands will also seek to collaborate with any brand that’s rising or is already hot on the platform.

Doing this also makes it so that you can reach other audiences that you normally won’t be able to have a handle on. This makes it important to diversify while developing relationships with other brands. It also avoids the redundancy of services and products to your customers.

Brands like Sugar Bear Hair are great for these purposes. Their services and products are unique from traditional retailers. You can also collaborate with them to create a unique marketing campaign that capitalizes on both your strengths as unique brands.

6. Create Posts That Encourage Engagement

Engagements are the best way for your brand to get advertised on social platforms. This makes it important to encourage engagement on your posts. A great way to do this is by asking questions on the platform.

By doing so, you’ll entice your customers to ask questions that you can then answer. As mentioned above, it also helps you to create loyal customers along the line.

If you don’t have the luxury to answer each of your follower’s questions, you can make a poll, instead. This creates engagements without the need for a follow-up on the spot.

7. Evolve With Your Content

As you post more content, you will notice that some of your posts aren’t doing as well as others. You need to find out why this is the case to improve the quality of your social media profile. What’s great is that you can do this with the help of a few tools that track your analytics.

You’ll be able to find out what makes people unengaged with your content or which ones they ignore. This way, you can improve the content so people won’t become unengaged. If people are too uninterested in the way you present the content, then it’s time to change it up and discontinue the format you’re using.

Manage Your Viral Social Media Account Today

Now you know how to manage social media accounts and go viral. Once you go viral, you’ll need to maintain your status to prevent your brand from falling off along the line. These tips will help you manage your social media account, so read up and follow them now!

Great management of social media accounts can give way to better marketing methods. You can check out our guides and posts to learn how you can do this. Read up and learn how to become better in digital marketing today!  


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