Automatic Gate Options To Secure Your Premises


Comfort and safety are equally important things in modern times. So, it becomes important to secure the home or office premises on top of making the space comfortable and functional. Previously, the rich people used to add electrical gates as only they could afford it. However, the times are changed, and now automatic gates are products which can be afforded by anyone. There is a wide range of options available in the market when you go out to install the automatic gates. You need to make the right choice for the automatic gates.

Different Automatic Sliding Gates For Installation

Automatic Gate
  • Sliding gate with wheels
  • Single gate operator
  • Control panel
  • Remote controls pair
  • Photoelectric cells (sensors to detect the presence of to prevent from any damage)

The motors of these automatic sliding gates are complex in terms of functionality and are also simple to be installed in comparison to other swing styled automatic gates. There are different models of motors which are used for the installation of the automatic gates.  There is a different choice of automatic gates which you select from.

Automatic Slide Gates

Most commonly, you will find automatic gates with slide systems in commercial sites and industries. Mostly these gates have a setting wide than even more than 25 meters. However, these can be installed even in small spaces as well as they can be customized.

Here are the two most commonly used automatic sliding gates that are:

  • Tracked sliding gates: This type of automatic gates is used to work on tracks. The gate has a beam installed towards the ground where wheels are set. This enables the gate to operate and move in a smooth manner.
  • Cantilever sliding gates: Cantilever is another type of automatic sliding gate is made of mainly steel or aluminum beam to glide above the concrete base.
  • Garage automatic gates: These automatic gates are the most commonly used in the world these days. The main reason of using automatic gates for the garage is better security and circulation. So even if there is a storm ongoing on outside there is no need to go down in the rain to close or open this door as it can be operated automatically.

Swing Automatic Gate

Automatic Gate

Swing automatic gate system is a pair of gates which swings open when you operate it with the help of remote control or with the access control panel. This is the most common type of automatic gates that people widely prefer using. In comparison to the automatic sliding gates, these are much easier and cheaper to be installed. These are the best choices when it comes to installing the gates that swing inwards in the property premises. With a control access system, you can safely open and close the gates with remote control.

Installation of swing automatic gates require the following things:

  • Based on the requirement, wooden or metal gates are needed which will be fitting in the surroundings.
  • Remote control pair is used to operate the system.
  • Gate operator pair (a mechanism to open and close the gate).
  • Control panel for controlling the access.
  • Photoelectric cells pair (sensors to detect the people and vehicle to avoid any damage or accidents).

A variety of automatic gates are available in the market these days. You can select the best automatic gate on the basis of your requirements and budget. Make sure you are investing in the right thing depending on your location and your needs after going through extensive research. You can also consult experts to get a recommendation about the best gates for your needs.


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