Beauty Jobs: A Career as a Lash Artist


The beauty industry is a $532 billion business, and the demand for beauty jobs like lash lift specialists is higher than ever before. Lash lift training is easier than you think, and once you are trained, you can start bringing in money with your new financially rewarding career. 

Before you start, though, we are going to take a quick look at everything you need to know about becoming a lash artist. So, let’s get to it!

Beauty Jobs

What Is a Lash Artist 

A lash artist is a specific type of cosmetologist. They use their skills to enhance the look of eyelashes on their clients by increasing length, volume, fullness, and sometimes the lashes’ color by adding extensions or performing lash lifts and tints. Lash artists apply the latest techniques to their clients in a salon or spa setting. 

Lash Lift Training 

To become a lash artist, you must complete your training as a cosmetologist or an esthetician and be licensed by your state. Following your licensure, you must then attend a lash lift training course. Free lash lift training could be available to you depending on where you live. 

The training usually takes 1-3 days in an immersive course. You will practice all of the latest techniques and learn the skills you will need to perform lifts and extensions independently. Keep in mind that this type of work takes practice, and a steady hand and good eyesight will make a difference in the quality of your work. 

How Much Do They Make 

There are many variables concerning the income of a professional lash artist. For example, if you work for yourself versus working for a spa or a salon, your income will fluctuate. Additionally, where you live affects your services’ price point and how much you end up bringing home.

With that being said, generally, lash artists will make an average of $51,000 per year. Also, in most cases, lash artists are regarded as tipped employees, so as you develop your skills, you can expect your gratuities to increase!

Things to Note 

As they say…If it were easy, everyone would do it! Becoming a lash artist isn’t an easy beauty job to master. It takes time and a lot of practice to master your skills. The profession is also ever-evolving, which means you have to stay up on the latest news and certification requirements. 

However, cosmetology careers like this one allow you to learn a craft and be your own boss! Once you hone your skills and develop a strong clientele, you can consider going into business independently.

Best Beauty Jobs 

Beauty jobs take some time to master. You will need formal training and a lot of practice; however, these types of careers put the power in your hands to make as much money as you want! So, if you are ready to hustle and put in the effort, then consider starting your journey to become a lash artist today! From business to lifestyle, we have the articles you need to read. Visit the rest of our page today for more informative reads like this one!


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