Benefits of CustomMade UTE Trays


With the growth in construction and transportation industry, UTE trays are one of the most extensively used products when it comes to carrying goods from place to another. They are far better and preferred over cars because they offer large storage area. They are quite popular among traders and people who work in the construction industry as they always need some extra space to carry their tools and work supplies.

If you go for custom made UTE trays you will reap more benefits than standard UTE trays as they are loaded with added features and functionalities. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Storage compartment

Custom Made UTE Trays

Most custom made UTE trays feature a storage compartment where you can place smaller tools. These storage compartments come in the form of under-tray drawers where owners mostly keep their emergency tools and equipment such as cones, jacks, flares, etc. so that they can easily access them when required. This improves your workflow.

  • Organized Drawers

These custom made UTE trays allow you to organize everything in systematic manner. You can segregate items category wise and place them in different drawers, so that you don’t have to search for the specific tool in times of rush and emergency. This saves your time and effort.

  • Lockable Features

Next benefit is the safety they provide. They come with lockable features and toolboxes so that you can place your expensive tools and equipment there without the worry of them getting stolen. You don’t have to load and unload your equipment daily to avoid  theft. You can have  peace of mind with these locking features.

  • Customized Trays

As these are custom made UTE trays, that means you can fabricate them as per your choice of size, color, material type and finish. You can choose aluminum or steel material with matte or glossy finish. You can also choose between various deck styles. The best thing about customization is that you are paying for what you want and you are going to reap benefits from it every single day for years to come. So, customize it wisely thinking about long term usage.

  • Mud Flaps

While transporting goods from one place to another or while storing them in UTE trays, you need to protect them outside dirt and dust. These customized trays come with mud flaps to protect the underside of your UTE and also protect the driver behind you.

  • Good Selling price

When you have installed custom made UTE trays in your vehicle, rest assured to receive very good price when you plan to sale them in future. These are always in high demand in the used car market, so potential buyers will quickly give you high price if your vehicle is equipped with these trays.

  • Step Rails

Custom Made UTE Trays-1

Sometimes you have keep a  few things high  in your UTE vehicles and if you have installed step rails into your UTE trays then you can easily climb up the rail and reach those items. This is also a great functional benefit offered by these trays.

  • Professional Look

If you are a business owner, then installing these trays is going to add a professional touch to your vehicle. It can transform your old truck into a new vehicle. You can also use them for advertising your products or services. It looks very professional and customers get attracted to it.

  • Versatile in Nature

These are highly versatile in nature. After using them for work during weekdays you can use them for camping and trekking in weekends. You can use them for your personal outdoor activities also.

  • Practicality

Whether you are a plumber, an electrician, or any other tradesman, you will not be able to work well without a UTE tray fitted in your vehicle.

So, these were some of the basic benefits that these custom made UTE trays offer to all their owners. What are you waiting for? If you have a UTE vehicle, then install custom made UTE trays now and enjoy their benefits.


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