4 Ways Your Transportation Company Can Be More Competitive


Transportation companies responsible for transporting goods are arguably some of the busiest and most important businesses today. Consider how important timely transportation of goods is to just about every other industry and consumer. And if you happen to own a transportation company there’s no doubt you’re always on the hunt for ways to be more competitive. How does your company stand out from other transportation companies?

If this is a question you’re currently grappling with then you’ll want to read on. Here are four ways your transportation company can be more competitive.

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1. Ensure Prices are In Line with the Competition

There’s no way around it, often the best way to be competitive is through pricing. If you’re not offering cost-effective supply chain options, then you’re not going to land customers. This doesn’t mean you have to offer rock-bottom prices and be the lowest-priced option on the market, but it does mean prices need to be in line with the competition.

With inflation still higher than it was pre-pandemic, cost is factoring into every business decision across all industries.

2. Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs at the Same Time

Imagine if there was a tip that could help fleet managers increase efficiency and cut costs at the same time. It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, with the proper tools and software, it’s not that difficult to achieve both goals.

Specific software solutions and telematics can be used to reduce fleet management costs fairly significantly. They can help with the logistics in terms of route optimization making, creating individualized training to improve driver safety and performance, increasing fuel consumption and bringing down costs by identifying patterns and fuel usage, enhancing fleet tracking capabilities, and even helping where compliance and reporting are concerned.

When your company runs smoother and more efficiently, everyone benefits including the customer. It can be just what you need to get a competitive edge.

3. Can You Speed Up Transport?

This one works hand-in-hand with the above-mentioned tip to increase efficiency. Taking advantage of route optimization tools doesn’t just cut down on costs, it also means you may be able to transport goods faster. If you can guarantee faster transportation times than the competition is offering, this is a big deal and can help you build your customer base.

4. Impeccable Customer Service Could Be the Missing Piece

Any company in any industry that is looking to be more competitive has to look at its customer service. If you’re not offering top-notch levels of customer service, expect it to reflect poorly on the business. Customer service is more than just following the mantra of “the customer is always right”, it’s also about responding to customers promptly, providing real solutions, following up with customers, and going the extra mile.

The Transportation Industry Can Be Highly Competitive

Working in the transportation industry, acting as a fleet manager, and contending with the stiff competition out there can be highly stressful. With that said, it’s important to use tips like this to gain a competitive edge and ensure your company doesn’t just do well but can grow.