Box Office Collection Of Popular Bollywood Movies


Bollywood represents Indian culture, custom, love, religion, politics, rural and urban life with mesmerizing music. Stories with the perfect combination of music are not loved only in India but it is also loved in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and in African countries.

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Interesting Facts About Bollywood

India has the largest filmmaking industry in the world. Every year it produces thousands of movies. In 2017 alone, India produced 1986 movies in which 364 Hindi movies are produced by Bollywood. 

Bollywood box office collection covers only 43% of revenues despite having a large Indian and overseas audience according to the box office report.  In 2016, Indian cinema generated 2.31 Billion Dollars from movies according to the box office report. The “box office India” represented 43% Bollywood, 36% Tamil, and Telugu, and the remaining 21% are regional movies in 2016.

Bollywood movie makers have a great experience in mixing different genres into a single film. They can create action, romance, comedy, drama, masala with a perfect combination of music.

Bollywood has created many records in the film industry. In 2001, Bollywood sold 3.6 billion tickets worldwide whereas Hollywood was able to sell only 2.6 billion tickets. And guess what movie tickets are considered a major part of Bollywood box office collection and also for “box office India”.

Box Office Collection Of Popular Bollywood Movies

Here, we will discuss about some popular movies and their total collections. We have chosen the 4 best movies for our list; Bharat, Waar, Kabir Singh, and Total Dhamaal.

Bharat Movie Collection

The stardom of Salman Khan is enough to convert simple movies into a Bollywood blockbuster. In 2019, Bharat movie was produced by three popular film production companies, these are Salman khan Films, T-Series, and Reel Life Productions. 

This movie was directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, who has also contributed to dialogues and screenplay. The shooting of Bharat was done in many international or national locations. Many scenes are captured from the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Malta, and India. Bharat movie shows the story of a common man in post-independent India and covers the life of a common man from the age of 8 to 70.

Apart from Salman khan, many Bollywood stars such as Katrina Kaif, Sunil Grover, Disha Patani, Tabu, and Jakie Shroff played a great role in the movie.

Generally, Salman khan releases movies on the occasion of Eid every year. When Bharat was released on Eid in 2019, it got a huge response from his fans. On the first day, it collected 57 million USD and it became a great record for opening day collections. This movie got commercial success by collecting 440 million USD in total. 

Salman khan movies are greatly impacting Bollywood movie collection due to his huge fan following in India and Overseas. Bharat Movie Collection is huge as compared to other Bollywood movies that were released in 2019. 

Total Dhamaal Collection

Total dhamaal is a comedy adventure movie. Its previous sequel “Dhamaal” was released in 2007 and it was full of comedy. This movie got an overwhelming response from fans and it made the Director Indra Kumar bound to make sequels of it. Total Dhamaal is a sequel of Dhamaal. 

This movie consists of many Bollywood stars such as Ajay Devgan, Anil Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Ritesh Deshmukh, Javed Jaffrey, Johnny lever, Madhuri Dixit. However, Total Dhamaal story is slightly based on a Hollywood film “Its Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World”

The budget of the movie was  152 million USD, but Total Dhamaal collection was estimated to be 308 million USD. Bollywood movie collection is usually considered a success factor in films.

In this movie, Ajay Devgan played the role of a thief and Anil Kapoor played the role of a businessman. While Madhuri Dixit played the role of a strong architect. Arshad Warsi was cast as Adi and Javed Jaffrey was cast as Manav. Sonakshi Sinha also appeared in a song. Ajay Devgan is named as Guddu and he was partnered with Sanjay Mishra (he was cast as Johnny) both make a plan to steal 500 million rupees of black money from a Police commissioner.

Kabir Singh Collection

This Hindi remake of the south Indian film Arjun Reddy became a cult hit. This film focuses on the life of the intelligent but hot-headed medical student Kabir Singh played by Shahid Kapoor and the sweet and naïve Preety played between the ravishing Kiara Advani.  

Kabir is a final year medical student who excels in not only his studies but also in games as well and despite his badass personality he is liked by his professors and he is considered the pride of his college. Preety, a first-year student enters college and Kabir falls for her. He starts displaying his affection for her in public and Preety reciprocates his love too. But owing to unforeseen circumstances Pretty is married to someone else and Kabir takes to alcohol and drugs. 

The film routes to many such actions and emotions and then the film reaches a happy ending. The film became a blockbuster hit of 2020, and Kabir Singh’s collection is said to be about 675 million USD and had a long run in the theatres.

War Box Office Collection

War in another movie with an appealing star cast. This action movie has Hritik Roshan and Tiger Shroff in the lead roles. Both these actors are known for their action-packed performances and this film is filled with awesome dance sequences. 

War box office collection is said to be 429 million USD in total. This movie is also registered as the highest first week of all time in the history of the Hindi box office, and the makers are now planning a sequel for the film


So here we have elaborated in detail about the latest box office collection of the various films and also their box office verdict. All the films mentioned here have entered the 100 Crore club in the first week of release and have been declared as a blockbuster. 


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