Can Plantation Shutters Make a Space Look Bigger?


The interior home improvement is something to consider if you desire to make your living room seem brighter and spacious. Plantation shutters can bring in a sophisticated and classic look to your home. Their stylish capabilities do not just upgrade your room but also make the space seem bigger.

Plantation Shutters

Make Your Room Bigger With Plantation Shutters

Here is how a plantation shutter makes your room look extra big.

Understated Design

Plantation shutters are an understated covering for your window that tricks the mind to appreciate a visually spacious room. The shutter design is simple and sits flush with your window. The idea of a plantation shutter is to clear the window space which your curtains or window coverings fail to perform. It creates ample space around the window that automatically translates to a bigger space.

Blending Colours

To enhance the appearance further, choose a colour that blends with the décor of your room. This will create an easy flow making the space less cluttered to create a large and spacious look. If you pick up cream and white for your shutters, it helps create a seamless look.

Control the Light

Controlling the level of light and the reflection also plays a vital role in making your room seem larger. Plantation shutters allow you to have optimum control over the amount of light you can let into your room. The large louvres let you increase the light in the room.

Choosing white shutters makes it even better because they reflect more light when light passes through it. Want to increase the light in the room further? Then place a mirror on the opposite side of your plantation shutter and see the effect. The light levels increase significantly, letting your room seem even bigger.

Minimalistic and Space-Saving

Unlike the heavy fabrics used for curtains that take up a lot of space all around, the plantation-style shutters do not come with this limitation. The window curtains make the walls look small and cluttered.

Plantation shutters, on the other hand, give a neater and minimalistic covering which automatically translates to more room. It is also easy to change them without worrying about redecorating the entire room.

In a nutshell, plantation-style shutters are clean, bright, and modern and are designed to give a large look to your room regardless of whether you keep the shutters open or closed. It is, however, critical that the shutters are customised to fit into the window dimension for better light control and so that it does not look shabby.

Choose Plantation Shutters For a Larger Living Space

Plantation-style shutters help in making the rooms look big and spacious. These sit flush in the window recess, offering more floor and wall space, making the room feel large. Shutters give a visual simplicity, and this makes them trendy. These seamlessly blend with the wall and the room décor and create a clutter-free look.

So if you are in the process of redecorating your home, then it would be a great idea to give plantation-type shutters a thought. Choose the right colours, tailor the shutters to match your window size, take advantage of the mirror placement and see how a simple plantation shutter can transform the look of your room.


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