Career in Petroleum Engineering: A complete guide


The wider subject areas associated with petroleum engineering might surprise you. Petroleum engineering encompasses a wider range of specializations that are high in demand. As the world is developing at a rapid rate, the trend has started to shift towards automation and information technology, but the significance of the petroleum industry cannot be compared to that of any other domain.

It is very important to choose the specialization that will be in-demand and not become oversaturated or redundant with time. You can go through the B. tech petroleum engineering syllabus to get an overview of this subject area.

The specializations being offered with a degree in petroleum is exhaustive and provides a hands-on knowledge of the current market trends. Most of the specializations in petroleum engineering are high in demand with good salary packages being higher than average for graduates.

It may seem a little difficult initially but pursuing a related degree can help you break into this domain. However, the perfect choice of specialization can ease the process of job search. 

Petroleum Engineering

Loyalty program management

Experts in this domain employ a particular marketing strategy known as the “loyalty program” designed to encourage potential customers to continue using their products and services. They incorporate a lot of offers, schemes, and varying features to keep attracting target customers.

Petroleum associate engineer

They have to direct research programs and design equipment and serve as a technical specialist in research projects and supervise the tasks from designing, manufacturing to the evaluation of experimental equipment. 

Inspector and compliance officer

They must examine and evaluate the work and safety guidelines for research laboratories. They are responsible for examining the specifications of the machinery by understanding through blueprints and models to inspect the equipment for quality and functioning. 

Data processing manager

This job role requires managerial skills where you must supervise the team which may include engineers, technicians, computer specialists, scientists, and other supporting experts. 

Petro-retailing management

The aim of any modern corporation is to grow with maximum profit, but the customers nowadays have plenty of options to choose from and flexibility to demand value for both.

By building strategic tie-ups with fast food joints, commercial banks, and courier companies, petro-retailers are trying to enhance their non-fuel revenues. In this job role, you must come up with innovative ideas for generating revenue.

So, if you are aiming to kick-start a career in the petroleum industry, you must get hold of the required skill set with the solid foundation of this particular industry. Sign up for a degree in petroleum to seal your place in this domain.


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