The Must-Have Carnival Rides Every Event Should Have


If you’re planning an upcoming celebration, including amusement park-style rides can take the festivities to exhilarating new heights. But with endless options to choose from, how do you determine which attractions provide the biggest thrills for guests of all ages? This guide spotlights five carnival ride essentials that are surefire hits for events both big and small. 

Carnival Ride

Classic Carousels: Quintessential Fun for All Ages

What’s a carnival without a gorgeously decorated merry-go-round? These spinning staples enchant kids while reminding parents of childhood magic. Carousels add whimsical nostalgia with options from simple standing units to intricate menageries of hand-carved horses and chariots fit for royalty. Their relatively tame speeds make carousels ideal for younger guests while still delivering smiles across generations.

Thrilling Swing Sets: Fun for the Whole Family

Multi-armed swing set rigs like the HangOver, Chair-O-Planes, or pirate ship ride rental take riders soaring dramatically upwards before bringing them back down. The dizzying aerial views thrill daredevils eager for adrenaline-pumping acrobatics. Many rides pivot seats at slanted angles to increase the terrifying fun factor even more. These oversized pendulums accommodate multiple riders with seating sized for kids, teens or adults. 

Bumper Cars: Rollicking Good Times

Offering laugh-filled, not-too-scary collision action, bumper cars satisfy friendly competition vibes across all age brackets. Their controlled speeds and soft-impact bumper shields around each vehicle allow for safe ramming excitement. Plus, they can be adapted to themes like water bumpers for getting guests soaked as they scope targets. Bumper cars deliver carefree, contagious amusement perfect for infusing events with a carnival spirit.

Fun Houses: Wacky Mirrors and Optical Illusions

Every carnival needs attractions beyond rides, and nothing complements spinning thrills like quirky fun houses. These maze-like structures lead guests through off-kilter rooms filled with silly mirrors reflecting warped images to heighten hilarity. Moving floors, optical illusions, wobbly bridges and air jets take the disorientation up a notch. Fun houses add a welcome dose of zany entertainment for younger kids not quite ready for extreme rides

Ferris Wheels: Scenic Views from Up High

No carnival or fair is complete without a towering Ferris wheel looming over the midway. Their gigantic circling presence screams nostalgia while treating riders to breathtaking vistas from on high. Ferris wheels move at a gradual pace in enclosed cars suited for couples, families and groups. Their sweeping aerial sightlines allow guests to survey the entire event landscape and build anticipation for attractions spotted from above.

Crowd-Pleasing Food and Games 

To complement iconic rides, be sure to round out your carnival offerings with popular fairway foods like fluffy cotton candy, buttery popcorn and fried Oreos. And what’s an arcade without amusing games of skill and chance like ring tosses milk can pyramids? Blend these familiar flavors and contests into the mix for a truly authentic old-fashioned carnival affair.

Adding any combination of these classics is guaranteed to supercharge celebrations with amusement park-worthy wonder. Just be prepared for guests to already start requesting a return engagement for next year’s event before the rides even stop!