Thought of Controlling Chocolate Cravings?


Thought-of-Controlling-Chocolate-CravingsEver felt an urge of floating in a pool full of chocolates or of owning a chocolate factory?

Time to time all of us go through sudden experiences where we feel a strong need to binge on a specific food item.

We call these experiences as intense food cravings. And guess what, chocolate cravings is the most popular one among all intense cravings and are absolutely impossible to ignore.

Chocolate cravings are more in women than men, proven statistically. The reason behind this is chocolates have link to the hormonal changes that occur in the body during menstruation and pregnancy.

Magnesium levels drop in the body during the second half of the mensuration cycle. The mineral content required by the body is provided by chocolates being rich in magnesium.

Chocolate increases the desire for sex as it also contains phenylalanine.

Chocolates have potentially been linked to bringing about a change in the activity of the brain. It is known for increasing the neurotransmitter activity and dopamine production in the brain, which is responsible for regulation of mood, sleep, and reduction of anxiety.

Furthermore, chocolate companies also claim that chocolates contains anti-oxidants which is known to promote healthy blood flow, blood pressure and reduces the signs of aging.

The Dark side of chocolates

a) Along with its positives chocolates also have a couple of negatives. It contains a huge chunk of sugar, calories and unhealthy fats that provide little or no nutritional value. It could further lead to weight gain and heart disease.

b)Chocolates are also rich in carbohydrates which can cause spikes in your blood sugar, and make your body insulin resistant over time leading to Type 2 diabetes.

c)Excessive consumption of chocolates can also cause tooth decay and cavities.

Pondering over the thought of controlling Chocolate Cravings?

  • Researchers suggest that self-awareness could abolish chocolate cravings. With self-awareness you can take an initiative to move away from the thought of chocolates.
  • Many of us use low blood sugar as a weapon to snack on chocolates. Consider switching to peanut butter sandwich, bananas, fruits and nuts to boost your blood sugar level.
  • Start Exercising: Exercising regularly releases brain chemical neurotransmitters, serotonin and endorphins which is likely to boost your level of happiness.
  • Start associating chocolates with something that you totally dislike. For instance, you could associate it with bottle gourd or crabs. You may feel physically sick, once you develop this strong aversion for chocolates.


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