Common Water Heater Problems, As Experienced By Professional Plumbers


Every one of us may have faced problems with the water heating systems after prolonged use due to wear and tear. While some of these problems are expected, one can take preventive measures to avoid the occurrence or extensive damage of others to our water heating systems. Getting a water heater or it’s components repaired or replaced can be an expensive affair and one must put in efforts to avoid it, if possible.

Timely maintenance and periodic checking of all its parts can help prevent your water heater from stopping suddenly and causing an emergency in your house, especially in the winter months. It is best to be prepared for the worse case scenarios, however, to ensure a smooth and continuous supply of hot water in the house.

To help you prevent these emergencies, we have listed some of the common problems. Also, if you ever encounter these, contact a professional plumbers and get it rectified at the earliest to avoid complications at a later stage.

Here Are Some Tips To Avoid Large Complications Contact A Professional Plumbers.


Hot Water Stops Flowing

In some scenarios, hot water may just stop flowing from your taps no matter how long you keep the tap or water heater running. There could be various reasons for the same, right from a faulty thermostat or thermal switch to water heater not working altogether. It is advisable to avoid any DIY solutions in such cases and employ the services of professional plumbers to rectify the same.

By hiring professional plumbers, not only will you be assured of the skills of well-experienced and trained personnel but will also be eligible for free post-repair services in case the water heater breaks down again.

Leakage From The Water Heater.

Water leakage from the heater reduces the output of hot water, thereby, causing an increase in energy bill. It’s because the water heater will take in more water to compensate for the leakage. The reasons for the leakage could range from a cracked tank to a faulty drain valve that may have been damaged due to normal wear and tear.

Professional plumbers can easily identify the source of the leakage and take adequate measures to repair it and prevent it from occurring again.

Malfunctioning Pressure Valve Or Temperature Relief Valve.


Both these valves are instrumental in the efficient functioning of the water heater. The pressure valve maintains the water pressure within the tank to ensure proper heating and flow, as required. If it malfunctions, it may take longer for the water to heat and also result in an inconsistent flow through the taps or other outlets.

The temperature relief valve is another key component that ensures the temperature of the water stays constant and within pre-defined limits. In case the water gets too hot you may even end up burning or scalding yourself.

It is also a requirement by law to maintain the water temperature within permissible limits, so getting your temperature relief valve replaced in case it gets damaged should always be a priority. Make sure you use the best quality components as advised by your plumbers to prevent the problem from occurring repeatedly.

Water Heaters Are Essential For Our Comfortable Living.

In areas, where the winter temperature dips considerably a water heater is more of a necessity than a luxury, and an essential part of your home. To ensure that it works as per the expectations and runs consistently, one needs to have it checked and serviced periodically by professional plumbers, with repairs if any being required being undertaken immediately. Also, while choosing a plumber for service or repair, be extra cautious and only select one who’s experienced, skilled and has received proper training.


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