Ek Villain Returns Movie Review


Ek Villain Returns is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language psychological action thriller film. It is a spiritual sequel to Mohit Suri’s 2014 film Ek Villain. The film is produced by Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Krishan Kumar, and Balaji Motion Pictures and is distributed by T-Series. Read on for our review. Despite its title, Ek Villain Returns is a sloppy rehash of the previous movies about psychopath killers. It doesn’t have memorable songs, thrills, or chills, and it’s dreary, drab, and filled with toxicity.

Ek Villain Returns Movie Review

Ek Villain Returns is a confused, messy rehash of psychopath killer movies

The first part of Ek Villain is a surprisingly good movie. It’s about a serial killer named Rakesh Mahadkar who reigned terror in Mumbai for two decades. His one-sided love story and shady online forums earned him a cult following, and it was so popular that a sequel was made. Unfortunately, Ek Villain Returns doesn’t build on the success of its predecessor.

It lacks thrills and chills

The premise of this film is interesting, but it fails to deliver any thrills or chills. Its pace is unforgiving in many chapters, and its jump scares are less than effective. This is one of the few horror films in which the premise does not hold much promise. The director Nora Unkel is a promising talent, but her debut feature film lacks thrills or chills.

It lacks memorable songs

While it gets most things right, Ek Villain Returns lacks memorable music. This film won’t attract new audiences, but fans of the original will likely enjoy the well-chosen cast and interesting plot. The stylized songs also don’t do much to energize the film. Still, it has a strong franchise value, so it’s unlikely to disappoint at the box office. Whether it’s a surprise hit or a flop depends on how well the film does in mass centers.

Ek Villain Returns – Official Trailer

It is filled with toxicity

In the end, Ek Villain Returns fails to live up to its hype. John Abraham barely changes his expression throughout the movie, which is a testament to how messy and messed up the direction and screenplay are. Sadly, the film is not filled with surprises, and there are no satisfying twists to be found. Despite its potential, Ek Villain Returns is a forgettable thriller.

It lacks music

If you are a fan of action films and have been waiting for Ek Villain Returns since it came out, you are going to be disappointed with the film’s music. Compared to its predecessor, the sequel lacks the same punch and excitement, and the fight scenes are unimpressive. The music from Ek Villain Returns is mediocre, and the director seems to be on the side of the serial killer, which doesn’t help the situation.

It lacks suspense

This sequel to Ek Villain is a half-baked affair that fails to deliver on its promise. The storyline is predictable and the screenplay is too simplistic to create any sort of suspense. The acting and direction are mediocre, although Arjun Kapoor gives his best performance. The climax of the movie is interesting, but the movie ultimately falls flat.