Fast And Furious 9 – The Fast Saga Movie Review


While the sequels to the Fast and Furious series have been wildly successful, Fast And Furious 9 falls short in some areas. The plot is banal and appears self-referential, except in the third act, when it manages to subvert expectations. Dialogue spouts platitudes with straight faces and is probably going to become a viral meme. Still, the film is fun, over-the-top, and an interesting change of pace from the more sombre world of the slow and the placid.

Fast And Furious 9

Fast and Furious 9 fans are the heart of the franchise

The Fast and Furious franchise is a cultural phenomenon. It began as a niche street-racing film and eventually evolved into a blockbuster bank heist franchise. The movies have become so popular that some have complained that they have gotten out of control, with the franchise caught in a never-ending cycle of one-upmanship. Still, fans are passionate about the series, and the sequels have brought in some A-list actors to bring the franchise back to life.

The fourth film brought the old gang back together in a new film, and fans were thrilled. The movie was a hit, and fans gathered in droves to see the film. One memorable storyline revolved around Dom owing Brian a “ten-second car.” He steals Brian’s Subaru and tries to get it back, but fails. The audience was wowed by this scene, which ended in a tragic way for Brian and the others.

It’s over the top

It is not the best entry in the series, but it is an entertaining action flick that is more fun than it is cheesy. Director Justin Lin has made a return to the original idea, with an ongoing flashback to young Dom and little Jakob. We’re back to tank tops, motocross, and brothers racing across the world. But is this sequel the most fun of the franchise?

In this installment of the franchise, Vin Diesel plays a globe-trotting super-spy who is a street racer and a secret agent. He eludes his pursuers by triggering a rocket booster and flying off a cliff. His crew then joins forces to stop a world-changing plot. Among their crew is John Cena, who is the first major antagonist since Dwayne Johnson. His muscular presence reminds us of the strength and craftsmanship Lin brought to his previous Fast films.