Features You’ll Need in a Virtual Trade Show Platform for Success


Sitting in a room and setting up a perfect trade show right from your home without any hustle seems possible nowadays with the latest technologies around. Virtual trade shows saw a sudden spike in 2020 as the year has affected the event industry hugely due to the pandemic. 

Today, masks, sanitation, and physical distancing are becoming the new normal, and virtual trade shows are following the trend in the business world.  As per a recent report, nearly 93% of event owners plan to invest more in organizing virtual trade shows.

Moreover, a virtual trade show platform can offer exceptional engagement features to make your event a success. Here is a list of some key features virtual trade show platforms must contain.

Virtual Trade


Customization is the key to your success for virtual trade shows. A virtual trade show platform allows exhibitors to brand their virtual trade show booths with unique and customized designs.

The platforms also allow you to integrate your voice for branding. This feature helps save time and effort in organizing a physical event.

Enhance Engagements with Interactive Tools

The trade show platforms offer interactive and engaging features like live audio/video chats, live polls, surveys, Q&A, Gamification facility, social sharing tools, etc., thus making them even more interactive than in-person trade shows.  

These interactive features maximize customer engagement and help in amplifying interactions between attendees and exhibitors. It can also help solve attendees’ queries, keeping them both engaged throughout the virtual event.

On-demand Support

You don’t want to risk your attendees leaving the show or being unable to access it due to technical issues. An ideal platform should have a 24/7 live support team to address any issues that may arise before or during the event.

Even minor tech issues and hiccups can drastically affect the attendees’ experience and the possible outcome of the event. Therefore, whenever any tech issues arise, you should be able to find tech support.

Trackability and Valuable Data Collection

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In a trade show platform, you can easily track attendees—right from registration to feedback. By having data collection features in the platform, you can quickly get valuable insight into your attendees and measure the event’s success.

Engagement Features to Keep the Audience Hooked

Another critical feature you will need while organizing the virtual event through a platform is engaging attendees in the best possible way. You will have an ample number of attendees from across the world, so keeping them hooked to your event can be quite challenging.

A platform that comes with various engagement features makes it easy for you to bring the worldwide audience together under a single roof. Twitter wall, surveys, Q&A sessions, live polls, quizzes, etc., are some of the features you will need to keep your next virtual event more engaging.

Ease of use

One of the most important features you’ll need in a trade show platform is its usability. If a chosen trade show platform is too complex to navigate, it will take a lot of time and effort for attendees, and some may even abandon the event altogether.  

Your platform should be simple and easy to use for all participants and speakers. However, ensure you find a balance between having an easy-to-use platform and providing an exceptional user experience.

Now that you know what features some of the best platforms in the world are offering, it is time to look out for the best vendor and product to meet your needs.


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