Forensic Movie Review


If you’re looking for a great thriller, you may be interested in seeing Forensic, a remake of the 2020 Malayalam thriller. This film is similar to the popular CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series. Unfortunately, it lacks suspense and is far too long. Here’s what you should know about this movie before you see it. Here are some of the best parts of Forensic:

Forensic Movie

Forensic is a remake of the 2020 Malayalam thriller

The Malayalam thriller Forensic has been remade into a Hindi film by Vishal Furia. This film stars Mamta Mohandas and Tovino Thomas. Directed by Akhil Paul, Forensic follows the lives of police officer Megha Sharma and forensic expert Johnny Khanna. It was released in India in 2020.

It is a remake of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a popular television series that debuted in 2000. The show features the investigation of crime scenes, flashbacks, and autopsies. The characters spend a significant amount of time watching autopsies. While forensics-centric shows tend to keep the camera off of the incisions, CSI never blinks. The level of violence and sex in the show has deeply disturbed many viewers in the U.S.

It lacks suspense

Forensic is a film that shows off forensic investigations. However, the movie fails to impress audiences by showing the level of investigation that is done to determine who committed a crime. The era of streaming TV shows is at its peak, and audiences are now exposed to brilliant forensics in shows like Bones and Sherlock. Despite its lack of suspense, the film does feature some entertaining content.

It is too long

The storyline in ‘Forensic’ is a twisted one, with an overbearing focus on the science of crime. It is also surprisingly long, and while there are a number of interesting technical details in the film, I was never really compelled to sit through it. A good movie review should be able to summarize the film’s strengths and weaknesses. Let’s look at three of them:

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It is too packed with unnecessary twists

While the premise of the film is intriguing, the script is overloaded with twists and turns. The origin of the killer is incredibly weak, and we’d prefer to see more exciting core criminals. The background score, by Jakes Bejoy, is jarring at points, but is otherwise effective. The film could have done better with sharper writing, particularly in the second half, but ultimately falls flat.