Global Nutrition Report 2020: India To Miss Set Targets

Global Nutrition Report

Global Nutrition Report is a multi-stakeholder initiative that assesses progress made by nations in meeting the 2025 Global Nutrition Targets established by the World Health Assembly(WHA), a decision making body of the World Health Organisation(WHO).

The World Health Assembly identified six nutrition targets to be met by 2025.

Global Nutrition Targets 2025

Stunting: 40% reduction in the number of children under five who are stunted.

Low Birth Weight: A reduction of 30% in low birth weight.

Anaemia: 50% reduction of anaemia in women of reproductive age.

Childhood overweight: No increase in childhood overweight.

Wasting: To reduce and maintain childhood wasting to less than 5%.

Breastfeeding: To increase the rate of exclusive breastfeeding in the first 6 months up to at least 50%.

Findings Of The Report

The report shows that India is likely to miss targets for all four nutritional indicators for which data is available with the WHA.

  • The report shows that 51.4% of women of reproductive age are suffering from anaemia.
  • It shows that 37.9% of children under 5 years are stunted and 20.8% are wasted(Asia average of 22.7% and 9.4% respectively).
  • According to the report India is ranked amongst the three worst countries including Nigeria and Indonesia for within-country disparities on stunting.
  • Prevalence of under-five overweight increased to 2.4% in 2015 which was 1.9% in 2006.
  • The report shows that between 2000 and 2016, rates of underweight have decreased from 66% to 58.1% for boys and 54.2% to 50.1% in girls compared to Asia average of 35.6% for boys and 31.8% for girls.

According to the report, no country is on course to meet 2025 Global Nutrition Targets including the targets four diet-related NCD indicators in adults which are:

  • Salt Intake
  • Raised Blood Pressure
  • Obesity 
  • Diabetes.


  • Building equitable 
  • Resilient and sustainable health and food systems
  • Investing in nutrition with focussing on most affected etc.


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