Haryana Movie Official Trailer


About Haryana Movie Official Trailer

You’ve probably seen the first trailer of the upcoming Hindi film, ‘Haryana.’ The film stars Yash Tonk, Ashlesha Savant, Robbie Mairh, Monica Sharma, and B. Raja. It was directed by Sandeep Baswana and produced by B. Raja. The cast also includes Jitendra Dongare, Sanyuka Kaza, and Mohit Pathak. Yash Tonk and Monica Sharma have pivotal roles in this movie.

Haryana Movie follows three brothers who are from different backgrounds. The eldest brother Mahender manages the family business, while his brother Jaibeer studies at the University of Hisar. Jugnu, meanwhile, is 20 years old and lives with his parents. They all fall in love and end up moving in together. In this film, two brothers become involved in a love triangle that will leave you wanting more! While Mahender’s love interest is Ashlesha Savant, Jaibeer is smitten with Vasudha Sharma.

? Movie Credits:

Cast- Yash Tonk, Ashlesha Savant, Robbie Mairh, Monica Sharma and Aakarshan Singh

Directed By – Sandeep Baswana
Produced By- B. Raja & Sandeep Baswana
Cinematographer – Late Johny Lal
Executive Producer- Santosh Jha
Story, Screenply & Dialogues- Sandeep Baswana
Creative Producer- Swapnaneel Jayakar
Production Designer- Late Raju Sapte
Costume Design- Renu Kadiyan
Editor- Sanyukta Kaza & Jitendra Dongare
Music- Mohit Pathak
Lyrics- Sandeep Baswana
Sound Design- Rudra & Shankar
Background Score- Guru Dhanoa & Mohit Pathak
Casting Director- Jogi Malang
Associate Director- Bhanu Prakash Jha
Line Producer- Avtar Singh, Kuldeep Bura
Visual Effects, DI- Post Solution, Future works
Colorist- Nirmal Sharma
Re-recording mixer- Bibin Dev
Publicity Design- Satya (Third Eye Studio)
Digital Promotions Partner – EYP Digital