How to Get Unbanned From Tinder?


If you are banned from tinder you need to contact Tinder support to find out why and how to get reinstated.

How do I reset my Tinder ban?

By deleting and reinstalling the app, you can lift your ban from Tinder if you are banned from tinder. 

Are Tinder bans permanent?

Depending on the rationale behind the restriction. Your ban is probably permanent if it resulted from a violation of Tinder’s rules of service. However, your ban might only be temporary if it was imposed because of spamming or some other malicious activity.

Does Tinder delete banned accounts?

Yes, banned accounts are deleted by Tinder. Your account will be erased if you are banned from Tinder, and you won’t be allowed to make a new one.

What happens if you get banned on Tinder?

You won’t be able to use Tinder any longer if you receive a ban from the service. You won’t be able to create a new account after your existing one is erased.

How many reports does Tinder require before banning someone?

Tinder does have a reporting system in place for users who encounter disrespectful or inappropriate behavior, though it’s unclear how many reports it takes to get banned.

Does Tinder ban your device?

No. Tinder does not ban your device.

How do I create a new Tinder account after being banned in 2022?

After being banned from Tinder, a new account cannot be created.

How do I get unbanned from Tinder 2022?

The best approach to getting unbanned from Tinder is to get in touch with Tinder support. They can assist you in determining the cause of your suspension and the steps necessary to get it lifted.

Do I need a phone number to create a Tinder account?

You can create a Tinder without providing a phone number, yes. However, in order to log in, you must have a Facebook account.

If I changed my phone number, how can I log into Tinder?

You must update your Tinder account with your new number if you’ve changed it. To do this you can follow the steps following:

1. Open the Tinder app and

2. Go to Settings, Then find the phone number.

3. Enter your new number and click Update. The code supplied to your new phone number will then need to be entered.

How can I create a new Tinder account using the same phone number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to open a new Tinder account with the same phone number. You must use a different phone number for each account on Tinder. However, you might attempt the following workarounds:

Your new Tinder account should be created using a different email address.

Use your newly created Facebook account to sign up for Tinder.

How do I make a new Tinder account?

You must download the Tinder app in order to create a new account. Then follow the steps:

1. Open the app 

2. Click “Sign Up” in the top-right.

3. Enter your email address, password, and date of birth, and then click “Sign Up.

Why can’t I make a new Tinder account?

You might not be able to create a new Tinder account for a few reasons. You may have used up all of your permitted five matches for the day. Another option is that Tinder blocked your account because you’ve violated their terms of use.

Does Tinder support ever respond?

I’ve never had a Tinder support issue. They have always been prompt in answering my questions and helping me out.

How long will it take Tinder to respond to your email?

Tinder often responds to messages within a few hours.

How long does Tinder respond to messages?

It depends on how active Tinder is at the moment and how many users there are. Tinder typically takes a few hours to respond.