How to Keep Your Living Space Safe with Roller Shutters


Of course, many homeowners install roller shutters to secure their property. It simply gives them the peace of mind that they have the protection they need in the event of a burglary attempt. However, how many people understand how these fixtures can secure their home? Do you know how roller shutters can protect you from other threats? Well, in this article, we are going to discuss how rolling shutters work in securing your living space.

Shutters Built for Security

There are many types of rolling shutters. However, when you find a good supplier, you should be able to enjoy the following features:

roller shutter

Two-Piece Rail System

With a two-piece rail system, the roller shutters can effectively conceal the fasteners. This also means that unauthorized people won’t be able to tamper with the shutters.

Deep Rail Channel

It is relatively easy to force the curtain of a roller shutter out of its rail when it has a shallow rail channel. It is worth noting that persistent burglars with the right tools can easily bring such kind of roller shutters. So, it is ideal to select roller shutters with deeper guide rails. The average rail channel size is 25mm. However, some brands provide roller shutters with rail channels as thick as 40mm. They may be more expensive, but they are more effective in protecting your home.

Edge Retention Feature

If you have a more room in your budget, it would be best to opt for rolling shutters designed with an edge retention feature. With such product, the hooks are attached to the end of the curtain and, there are grooves inside the rail. The stronger the force exerted to the curtain, the deeper the hooks clamp onto the grooves. This means that burglars trying to bring down the roller shutters would only keep the curtain firmly attached to the rail channel.

You might have to spend more on roller shutters with an edge retention feature. After all, they are generally more expensive than ordinary shutters. However, if burglaries are rampant in your town, then spending a few more dollars would definitely be worth the investment. That said, it would be ideal to purchase this product if you live in a storm or hurricane-prone area.

Protection Against Storm Damage

When your glass windows and doors are unprotected during a storm or hurricane, the fierce winds can break and shatter them. As such, your living space becomes vulnerable to more damages. With the windows open, the winds can bring upward pressure that can send your roof flying. If worse comes to worst, the walls might even collapse.

One of the possible things that can happen is water entering your living space through your shattered windows. It is worth mentioning that even when you get an inch of floodwater in your home, the damages can be worth thousands of dollars. If you’re having doubts that this can happen, just imagine the forceful winds of a hurricane driving a rock at 155mph. If that rock hits your window, it will definitely get shattered.

Protection from Bushfires

There are several bushfire zones in Australia. If your house is situated in one of them, then you should seriously consider equipping your doors and windows with roller shutters. Taking such preventive measure ensures that your family, your home and its contents are protected when a bushfire starts near you.

Even if the actual fire is a kilometer away from your location, you are still not safe. The winds can carry radiant heat that can possibly break and shatter your glass windows. Even double-glazed windows can be damaged by heat. Once your windows are broken, fiery embers can come flying inside your living space. The moment they touch your blankets, curtains or other flammable materials, a fire will start inside your house.


Are you Selecting the Right Window Shutters for Home?

Of course, roller shutters are not a hundred percent fire-resistant. However, adequately rated ones can sufficiently absorb the heat and keep your glass windows from breaking.

Find a Reliable Roller Shutter Supplier

When you search online for roller shutter suppliers, you will find several options available to you. Of course, this is a good thing. However, it can also be overwhelming. After all, you’re about to spend a good amount of money on roller shutters. So, make sure you conduct ample research before choosing your supplier. Remember to choose one that brings the best value for your money!


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