How to Maintain a Large Garden – What you Need to Know


If you are fortunate enough to have a big garden (half a soccer pitch), you can spend your downtime in natural beauty by creating a landscaped section that meets a large deck at the back of the house. Nice timber fencing, rows of evergreens, manicured lawns and a nice awning; if you have the space, you could grow organically for a healthy diet and have a small compost heap in a far corner. The options are endless, but whatever you choose, welcome to the world of garden upkeep and maintenance.

garden maintenance

Shaping nature

Look at gardening as the shaping and control of nature; grass, like everything else, grows at an alarming pace and weeds are ten times faster, emerging from nowhere. If you are going to be selective about what grows and what is removed, you are going to be busy. You’re going to need a whole host of tools and equipment and check out Best Sheds for top-quality sheds that are installed by professionals.

Tools & equipment

You will need …

  • Ride-on mower (with trailer)
  • Range of hand tools; pruning shears, spade, shovel, fork, hand saw, grass clippers/edger – various rakes and brooms
  • Chainsaw
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Strimmer
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Leaf-blower – An optional extra that can save a lot of hard work.

Store all your gardening gear in the shed, along with the kids’ bikes and other stuff that needs a home. Investing in a high-quality shed makes sense and a leading Australian shed supplier has a range of sheds that are designed for purpose.

Shrubs and trees

A visit to the local nursery will reveal a plethora of species to enhance your space while providing natural shading Hedgerows grow quickly and a trim every week will keep your natural screening looking neat and tidy. Trees need to be shaped and deadwood removed; keep an eye out for disease, which usually shows symptoms and anything you are unsure about, you have Google to help.

Garden maintenance tasks

A large garden needs to be maintained on a weekly basis, with the following:

  • Cut the grass – Remove grass-cuttings, clip along walls and fences.
  • Weed the borders and fluff the soil – Adding woodchips eliminates unwanted weeds.
  • Prune back bushes and remove deadwood from trees.
  • Sweep pathways, remove growth from the driveway.
  • Trim hedges.

With your ride-on mower and trailer, you can make short work of it and finish by midday. Always clean tools and equipment after each use and buy brand names for the best quality. Click here to learn about creating a winning business strategy.

Garden contractors

If you don’t have the time, or inclination to spend half a day in the garden, contact your local landscape gardener; they can visit weekly/bi-weekly or even monthly and make the garden look stunning. The contractor removes green waste unless otherwise instructed, and you are billed monthly. It’s a flexible arrangement and if you want to halt the program over the winter, a call is all it takes. Many Australian homeowners use local contractors to maintain their exterior space, while retired folk tend to do their own gardening, which has therapeutic value.

Home maintenance is part and parcel of real estate ownership and for a small monthly fee, your garden will look pristine at all times.