How to Remove Tree Stump without Using Grinder


Landscape and tree owners need to remove the dead and diseased trees from their landscape. Some people remove the tree from a landscape to free up space for a structure of some other purpose. Whatever be the reason, a tree is always cut from the stem, and the stump is left after removal.

Landscapers need to remove the stump after cutting a tree to free up space so that the tree owners can use it for some other purpose. However, it is not easy to remove a stump and needs professional assistance. Even if you cut a tree yourself, you need assistance to remove the stump from the area.

There are many ways to remove a stump after cutting a tree from any space. Usually, the landscapers and tree removal professionals like expert tree cutting and removal service Lincoln use a grinding machine to grind the stump and remove it completely. However, there are other methods that don’t necessarily require you to use a grinder to remove the stump.

Although you need to use some precautions, these methods are easier than using a grinder for stump removal. This post shares some best practices that professional landscapers use for removal of stumps from landscapes.

Remove the stump manually

How to Remove Tree Stump without Using Grinder

Removing a stump manually is the conventional method that tree owners and landscapers have been using for decades. They use some traditional tools like an axe, shovel, digging bar, mattock, and saw to dig the soil and cut the stump and roots.

You need to dig the soil around the stump with the broad end of the mattock. Once you uncover the soil and loosen the dirt, you are ready to remove the stump. If the stump is big, you might need to remove a lot of soil. If the roots are short and not too deep, the method works well, and you can remove the stump within a period of 3 to 5 hours.

After removing the soil, you need to cut the roots from the stumps to make it easy to remove from the ground. After clearing the soil, you can remove the stump using a shovel.

You will need to use a lot of muscle power to remove the stump, but there are some easy ways. You can cut the stump into pieces using an axe and then remove it. Although it will take some extra time, it will make the task a lot easier.

Burn the stump

Burn the stump

Burning the stump in fire is an easy method, but you need to ensure if the local laws in your state allow it. The burning of wood or trees is usually prohibited in drought-prone areas due to safety issues. If the local and forest laws in your state allow burning the stump, you can try this method.

All you need is to place some wood chunks on and around the stump and light the fire. The fire will spread from wood chunks to the stump and burn it within a few minutes. If the stump is not dry, it may take an hour or more to burn completely. After burning, you need to wait for the ashes to cool down before removing them from the spot.

Ever after you burn the stump, you need to dig the soil to remove the roots from the area. If you don’t remove the roots, they will interfere with any structure you want to build on the area. Therefore, it is essential to dig the soil and remove the roots completely using cutting tools to use the space for any purpose.

You should stay nearby while the stump burns and never leave it unattended, especially if there are other things like plants, shrubs, and trees in its vicinity. Other shrubs and trees may catch fire and cause unwanted damage in your landscape. Also, it is essential to keep a garden hose ready to extinguish the fire in case it spreads beyond the stump area.

Stump removal chemical

Stump pesticide treatment
Stump pesticide treatment

Removing the stump using a chemical is a less used method. To use the chemical method for stump removal, you need a drill machine, the stump remover chemical, and a cutting tool like an axe. You can use the following steps to use a chemical for stump removal.

First, you need to drill multiple holes with equal spacing in the stump, using a drill machine. It is best to drill 10 to 15 holes on the top of the stump. Then put the stump removal chemical into the holes. The chemical usually comes in powder form. Check the instruction on the package before using any chemicals.

These chemicals need some time to rot the wood, after which you can easily chop the stump using an axe. Usually, you will need to wait around a week to get the stump rotted entirely. However, it depends on the type of chemical, and the time is mentioned on the package.

The wood of stump softens in this time, and after that, you can easily chop it with an axe. Chop the stump into short pieces and also remove it entirely from the soil. Also, cut the remaining roots and remove them from the soil, using the cutting tools.

These chemicals are corrosive for wood and harmful for humans as well as pets. Therefore, it is essential to cover the stump for the time it takes to rot the wood to keep it out of the reach of pets and children. Make sure you cover it completely and keep the kids and pets away from it.

Final words

These are some methods to remove a tree stump without using a grinder. However, all these methods involve some level of risk, and you need to consider the risk while using any method. You need to take care of the fire while burning and cover the stump entirely while using the chemical method.

However, if you are not confident to do it yourself, you can always hire a professional service like stump removal Epping to remove any tree stump safely from your landscape.


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