John Edward Thomas Moynahan Age, Religion, Net Worth


Many people are aware of John Edward Thomas Moynahan, the lookalike son of the famous NFL quarterback. Like his father, John inherited his father’s passion and IQ. At an early age, it is clear that he will follow in his father’s footsteps. However, he has not disclosed his career plans yet, although he has stated that he aspires to be a professional athlete.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan

Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan met through a mutual friend and began dating in late 2003. Tom had just won several Superbowl titles and Moynahan was working in the movies. The couple was together for a few years before calling it quits in 2006.

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan is an American actress and model. Born in Binghamton, New York, she is best known for her role as Erin Reagan in “Blue Bloods.” Moynahan began modeling when she was just fourteen years old, and soon after graduated, she began appearing in department store catalogs. Moynahan then began acting lessons, and her first role was on “Sex and the City.” She was cast as the character of Natasha, which earned her a spot in the cast of the NBC series.


Gisele Bundchen became attached to her boyfriend, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, just as a child would. The couple dated for several years and are still on good terms. Moynahan was born in Santa Monica, California, on 22 agony 2007. He is a Leo and a citizen of the United States. Gisele and John are now parents to two children – a 9-year-old son, Benjamin, and an 11-year-old daughter, Vivian Lake.


John Edward Thomas Moynahan is the son of American football star Tom Brady and his ex-wife, Bridget Moynahan. He is 11 years old, and his father is Thomas Brady. He was born in Santa Monica, California. His mother is Gisele Bundchen, a Brazilian fashion model, and his stepfather is Andrew Frankel, a Businessperson. The two siblings live with their mother, Gisele, for most of the time.


The age of John Edward Thomas Moynahan is thirteen. He is the eldest son of Tom Brady, an American football player who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is also the son of Bridget Moynahan, an American actress, and model. Moynahan lives with his mother most of the time, but he spends some time with his step-mother. It is unknown if the two have any children of their own, though.


The actor and television personality is a practicing member of Christianity. He is the son of Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan, an actress and a member of the Irish American Industry. Tom is a former NFL quarterback. His parents reside in New York City. The couple never got married, but were in a relationship since 2004. They never filed for divorce. He is a practicing member of the Christian faith.

Net worth

According to some sources, John Edward Thomas Moynahan has a net worth of $25 million. The 12-year-old is the son of a multi-millionaire. His parents, Tom Moynahan and Bridget Brady, have a combined net worth of over $200 million. While the child is too young to be active on social media, his father has a massive following of more than 7.8 million people on Twitter. Fans react to his posts and express their opinions through comments.


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