Know All About Myotherapy


Nagging pain in your muscles or stiff pains in the joints are really an issue which is to be addressed at the earliest. But the good news is that there is a treatment for them which is called Myotherapy. It is one of the most popular manual massages therapy that uses the evidence-based assessments, rehabilitation and treatment methods to treat the neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctioning or pain in muscles. It is effective and above all very soothing.

What is Myotherapy?


Myotherapy is given or offered by myotherapists who are certified. The session comprises of evaluation and treatment as well as controlling the pain which are linked with soft tissue injuries and limited mobility caused owing to muscle dysfunction or myofascia. In fact, myofascia is the tough and compact tissue which surrounds the muscles and bones in body and therefore it is very flexible and strong.

When the myofascia is working well, it is soft and relaxed and also moves stretches without any limitation. However, in case of inflammation and physical trauma, this soft tissue starts to lose its pliability and therefore it gets harder and restricted resulting in tension across the body.

This causes immense pain and inflammation in the myofascia and to treat this condition the manual massaging therapy is used by the Myotherapists. This is the ultimate therapy which can provide with the best of results.

Expectations from the Myotherapy sessions at clinic

Myotherapists make it possible to allow functioning of the muscular system of your body. They make it work naturally and efficiently over again.

The therapists then start the Myotherapy sessions by evaluating the condition and may also ask many questions regarding the symptoms of the condition.

Therefore, it is necessary that your Myotherapists should know about all symptoms you are experiencing and the medications that you are using to treat the muscular pain. The medical history and illnesses or surgery that you have undergone must be disclosed to the therapist in the sessions. This will help them to treat you well.

Presentation of case history is a must and this will enable the Myotherapists to find the root cause of the symptoms.

Tests and manipulation of the joints and muscles will also be done in order to find out the root cause of the pain and also to examine and test the reflexes.

These examinations and evaluation sessions will help the therapists to recognize whether the symptoms are due to myofascia dysfunction or not. The Myotherapy treatments will then start treating you accordingly.

More about Myotherapy sessions

Benefits of Myotherapy sessions

It is interesting to know that the myotherapists offer Myotherapy sessions which are qualified and trained in evaluating and treating the conditions efficiently.

The session includes several other massage therapies which include cupping, TENS, muscle stretching, dry needling or acupuncture, muscle energy techniques or METS, passive stretching and acupressure to trigger the points.

In fact, each session lasts for around 60 to 90 minutes and results start to show after each session.

Benefits of Myotherapy sessions

The myotherapist conducts a thorough examination so as to determine the root cause of muscular pain. Once they find out the root causes, they fix it using the manual massaging therapy.

The therapy thus reduces the symptoms, alleviates the pain and thus prevents its reoccurrence. The therapists also focus on treating the trigger points and the areas include harder muscle fibers which can cause the physical and emotional stress, injury or diseases.

Thus, by eliminating these trigger points the therapist help you to overcome from chronic and intense pain. Myotherapy can cure lower back pain, neck and head pains, muscle spasms, golfer’s or tennis elbow, RIS, tendonitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, wry neck and contusion croky.

It is also to be remembered well that the myotherapist will work in coordination with the patients so as to locate the trigger points and work efficiently in restoring your muscular functioning. This will help you to enjoy your life stress-free, and pain-free, which matter the most.


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