Liam And Yeremi Hykel On Amazing Race America Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth


Liam and Yeremi Hykel are brothers from Cheyenne, Wyoming, and San Marcos, Texas who are competing in the 35th season of CBS’s The Amazing Race. The siblings bring a unique blend of adventure, determination, and a brotherly bond to the show that will make them an entertaining addition to this season’s competition. With longer 90-minute episodes, viewers will get a more detailed look at the teams’ gameplay, strategies, and alliances. The team’s compelling story has already caught the attention of fans, who are eager to know more about them.

While there is not much known about the pair’s high school lives or early childhood, their military experience has made them disciplined and resilient individuals. Liam’s career as a Navy Cryptologic Technician and Yeremi’s time as a Marine Corps veteran have helped them to become competitive athletes, qualities that will surely serve them well on the race. The pair has stated that this competition is not just about winning the million-dollar prize, but also about rekindling their brotherly connection.

Both the brothers are active on social media, where they have expressed their excitement about joining The Amazing Race. Liam is available on Instagram as bedtimeflacko, while Yeremi can be found under the name yeremihykel. Both of them have shared photos of themselves at the starting line and their journey on the race. They have both been praised for their performance on the show and are expected to perform well in the coming legs of the race.

Liam And Yeremi Hykel

Quick Details About Liam And Yeremi Hykel

Born: August 25, 1998 (age 25) (Yeremi)

Hometown: Cheyenne, Wyoming (Liam) and San Marcos, Texas (Yeremi)

Relation: Brothers

Occupation: Navy Veteran (Liam) and Marine Corps Veteran (Yeremi)

 Liam and Yeremi Hykel Nationality: USA

The Amazing Race Career

Version: United States

The Amazing Race 35

Legs Competed: 6

Legs Won: 0

Placement: 9th

Average Position: 8.33

Roadblock Count: Liam: 3 and Yeremi: 2

Current Town: Cheyenne, WY & San Marcos, TX

Liam and Yeremi Hykel Ethnicity

The 35th season of the Amazing Race has been captivating fans all over America. This unique reality competition features contestants from all over the world competing against each other and the clock for a chance to win a huge prize. This season, there are a few contestants who stand out. These include Liam and Yeremi Hykel, two brothers from America who have been displaying incredible energy and confidence throughout the show.

The siblings are currently living in Cheyenne Wyoming and San Marcos, Texas respectively. Liam, who is 23 years old, has a military background and is an avid adventurer. Yeremi, on the other hand, is 24 years old and is a Marine Corps veteran. The brothers are a team and work well together. They are a great addition to the show and we can’t wait to see them compete.

Liam and Yeremi’s unique background will certainly serve them well on The Amazing Race. Their military experience has taught them to be disciplined and resilient. The brothers have also learned to make quick decisions and think on their feet, which will surely be beneficial when faced with the many challenges that will be thrown at them.

The brothers are very close and have an enormous amount of support from their family and friends. They have also been able to maintain a professional balance while being on the show. This balance has been reflected in their performances and the courtesy they have shown to fellow competitors and locals alike.

The Amazing Race 35 History

Lian & Yeremi’s Race History
EpisodeLegDestination(s)Detour Choice
11United States → ThailandSword Play / Spa DayLiam8 of 13
22ThailandStock Up / Scoop UpYeremi8 of 12
33Thailand → VietnamPaper / PlasticNo Roadblock11 of 11[1]
44VietnamStand / DeliverLiam6 of 11
55Vietnam → IndiaAll Dolled Up / The Big PictureYeremi8 of 10
66IndiaBundles / BricksLiam9 of 9

Liam & Yeremi The Amazing Race Cast Member

This season on CBS’s The Amazing Race, 13 teams of two compete week-after-week to trek around the world for a million dollars. Each leg includes a series of mental and physical challenges. The first team to reach the final destination is crowned the champions and wins the $1 million grand prize.

The new contestants range from Navy and Marine Corps veterans to stay-at-home moms and grocery store managers. We have an early betting pool going on which team will win the race. Liam and Yeremi are definitely the team to watch. They’re brothers with a competitive spirit and strong bond.

They both work as finance professionals, so they’re financially stable enough to take on the competition. They also have a lot of workplace-acquired skills, which will help them during the race. For example, Yeremi works in the financial industry and Liam has experience as an entrepreneur.

Liam and Yeremi have a strong sense of teamwork and can read each other very well. They’ve also had plenty of experiences traveling and competing. They’re ready to show the other teams how they do it on The Amazing Race.

However, I think they need to improve on their navigational skills. It’s not fair to other teams that they have cab drivers do all of their navigating for them in some legs. This was especially evident in the India leg. They’re a great team and should get to the final, but that leg was just not fair.

What is Liam And Yeremi Hykel’s Networth?

The duo of brothers Liam and Yeremi are on the 35th season of CBS’s popular show ‘The Amazing Race.’ The pair have already wowed viewers with their competitive spirit and strong bond.

Social Media Profiles

Liam’s Instagram: /bedtimeflacko

Yeremi’s Instagram: /yeremi.hykel