The Ultimate List Of Words With “OL” Short Words, 5-Letter Words, And Scrabble Words


If you’re a word lover, you’re likely always on the lookout for new words to add to your vocabulary. One of the most interesting combinations of letters in the English language is “OL.” From short words to 5-letter words and Scrabble words, there are countless options to explore. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into words with “OL” in them, exploring their definitions and providing examples. By the end of this article, you’ll be well-versed in this fascinating combination of letters.

List of Words with OL

Basic Words with “O” and “L”

  • Bold – Showing courage and confidence.
  • Cold – Having a low temperature.
  • Hold – To have or keep in one’s grasp.
  • Old – Having lived for a long time.
  • Roll – To move by turning over and over.
  • Goal – Something that one wants to achieve.
  • Hole – An opening through something.
  • Mole – A small burrowing mammal with dark velvety fur.
  • Poll – A record of the opinions or votes of a group of people.
  • Soul – The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being.
  • Toll – A charge payable for the use of a particular route or bridge.
  • Bowl – A round, deep dish used for serving soup, stew, or cereal.

Short Words with “OL”

  • Sol – the fifth note of the diatonic scale
  • Col – a shortened form of the word “color”
  • Dol – a unit of pain intensity used in medicine
  • Fol – a shortened form of the word “folk”
  • Mol – a unit of measurement used in chemistry to express concentration
  • Pol – a shortened form of the word “policy”
  • Vol – a shortened form of the word “volume”
  • Gol – a misspelling of the word “goal”
  • Hol – a misspelling of the word “whole”
  • Jol – a sudden jarring or lurching motion
  • Rol – a shortened form of the word “roll”
  • Tol – a misspelling of the word “toll”

Words with “OL” 5 Letters

  • Stole – a long, narrow scarf or shawl
  • Bolas – a South American weapon consisting of two or more heavy balls on a cord
  • Polar – relating to the North or South Pole
  • Molar – a tooth at the back of the mouth used for grinding food
  • Viola – a musical instrument similar to a violin, but larger
  • Tonal – relating to tone or sound
  • Droll – amusing in an odd or whimsical way
  • Nodal – relating to a node or a point of intersection
  • Focal – relating to a focus or point of concentration
  • Koala – a small, tree-dwelling marsupial native to Australia
  • Fjord – a long, narrow inlet with steep sides, created by glacial erosion
  • Colon – a punctuation mark used to introduce a list or explanation

5 Letter Words with “OL” in the Middle

  • Tolan – a unit of currency in Poland
  • Solon – a wise and skillful lawgiver in ancient Greece
  • Dolby – a company that specializes in audio technology
  • Colic – severe abdominal pain caused by digestive issues
  • Hollo – to shout or yell loudly
  • Bolus – a small, rounded mass of medication or food
  • Folks – people in general, especially those of a particular group or community
  • Polka – a lively dance of Bohemian origin
  • Jolty – characterized by sudden jarring or lurching motions
  • Volta – a turn or shift in course, direction, or position
  • Mold – a hollow container used to give shape to molten or hot liquid substances
  • Molto – a musical term meaning “much” or “very”

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five-letter words with “O,” “L,” and “K”

  • Polka – a lively dance of Bohemian origin
  • Kolka – a medical term used to describe sudden, severe pain in the lower abdomen
  • Folks – people in general, especially those of a particular group or community
  • Polks – a dance similar to a polka, popular in the southern United States
  • Polka – a type of printed fabric characterized by small, repeated patterns
  • Kolko – a surname of Polish or Jewish origin
  • Yolks – the yellow part of an egg, surrounded by the white
  • Aloka – a medical technology company that produces ultrasound equipment
  • Balko – a surname of Hungarian or Slavic origin
  • Bloke – a slang term for a man, especially one who is considered ordinary or unremarkable

Words with “ON”

  • Onion – a round, edible bulb with layers that are commonly used in cooking
  • Bonfire – a large outdoor fire used for warmth, cooking, or celebration
  • Consonant – a speech sound that is produced by partially or completely stopping the flow of air through the mouth
  • Condoned – to approve or overlook something that is considered wrong or objectionable
  • Beyond – on the further side of; past
  • Polygon – a two-dimensional shape with three or more straight sides and angles
  • Donkey – an animal related to horses that are often used for work or transportation
  • Neon – a chemical element that produces a bright reddish-orange color when used in lighting
  • Sonnet – a 14-line poem with a specific rhyme scheme and meter
  • Upon – used to indicate something happening at the same time or shortly after something else

Words with “OL” and “Y”

  • Holy – regarded as sacred, spiritually pure
  • Jolly – full of high spirits and happiness
  • Poly – a polymer or plastic material
  • Colly – to blacken or soil with coal dust or other dark matter
  • Voltaic – relating to electricity or electric currents, as in a voltaic cell
  • Emboly – the period of time in embryonic development when the blastula invaginates and becomes a gastrula
  • Drosophila – a genus of fruit flies commonly used in genetic research
  • Eolian – relating to the action or influence of the wind
  • Monopoly – exclusive control over a particular commodity or market
  • Polymath – a person with expertise in multiple fields or areas of knowledge

Words with “OLY”

  • Olympic – relating to the Olympic Games, an international sporting event held every four years
  • Holy – considered sacred or having a spiritual quality
  • Polyphony – music consisting of two or more simultaneous melodies
  • Monopoly – exclusive control of a particular commodity or market
  • Acroterion – a decorative ornament placed on the top or corners of a pediment in classical architecture
  • Areology – the study of the physical properties and characteristics of the planet Mars
  • Anatoly – a male gave the name of Greek origin meaning “sunrise” or “east”

Words with “OLE”

  • Molehill: A small mound of earth created by a mole’s burrowing.
  • Boletus: A type of mushroom commonly known as the “cep” or “porcini.”
  • Solemn: Marked by seriousness or solemnity; often used to describe a serious occasion or event.
  • Dolesome: Filled with grief or sorrow; often used to describe a sad situation or event.
  • Coleoptera: The order of insects that includes beetles, weevils, and fireflies.
  • Moleskin: A soft, durable fabric made from the skin of the mole.
  • Polemic: A strong verbal or written attack on a particular belief or opinion.
  • Parolee: A person who has been released from prison on parole.
  • Stole: A long, narrow scarf worn around the neck.
  • Viole: A type of stringed musical instrument that is similar to a violin but slightly larger.

Words with “OLIVE”

  • Olive
  • Olivine
  • Olive-like
  • Olive-brown
  • Olive-gray
  • Olive-green
  • Olive-yellow
  • Olive-drab
  • Olive-tinged
  • Olive-backed

Words with “OLAR”

  • Solar – relating to the sun or solar energy
  • Polar – relating to the North or South Pole
  • Collar – a band of material worn around the neck
  • Popular – liked or admired by many people
  • Scholar – a learned or knowledgeable person
  • Cellular – relating to cells or cellular technology
  • Bipolar – having or relating to two poles or extremities

Words with “OLW”

  • Hollow – having an empty space inside
  • Follow – go or come after (someone or something)
  • Swallow – cause or allow (something) to pass down the throat
  • Allow – give (someone) permission to do something
  • Tallow – a hard fatty substance made from animal fat, used in candles and soap
  • Bellow – emit a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger
  • Marigold – a plant with yellow or orange flowers, often used for decoration or in herbal medicine
  • Elbow – the joint between the forearm and upper arm
  • Twofold – having two parts or aspects
  • Yellow – a color that resembles the sunflower or egg yolk, between green and orange in the spectrum.

5 Letter Words with “OLN”

  • Colon – the part of the large intestine that extends from the cecum to the rectum
  • Solon – a wise and skillful lawgiver, especially in ancient Greece
  • Nylon – a synthetic polymer used in the production of fabrics and other materials
  • Dolan – a surname of Irish origin
  • Ovoln – a type of microscope that uses polarized light to study samples
  • Melon – a juicy fruit with a hard rind and soft, sweet flesh
  • Colin – a male given name of Scottish origin
  • Polka – a lively dance of Bohemian origin
  • Eolon – a type of wind instrument used in ancient Greece
  • Solen – a type of marine bivalve mollusk with a long, narrow shell.

Words with “O” Letter

  • Octopus – a sea animal with eight tentacles and a soft body
  • Ostrich – a large flightless bird with long legs and a long neck
  • Omelet – a dish made from beaten eggs cooked with butter or oil in a frying pan
  • Orchestra – a large group of musicians who play together
  • Oxygen – a colorless, odorless gas that is essential for life
  • Orange – a fruit with a tough, reddish-yellow rind and juicy, sweet pulp
  • Ocean – a vast body of salt water that covers most of the Earth’s surface

Words with “OLAT”

  • Oblate – flattened or shaped like an oval
  • Solatia – compensation or consolation for a loss or injury
  • Collateral – something pledged as security for a loan, often property or assets
  • Olathe – a city in Kansas, USA
  • Foliate – having or resembling leaves, often used in architecture or design
  • Bolate – shaped like a bowl or having a round, bulging form
  • Coelomate – an animal with a body cavity, or coelom, that is completely lined with mesoderm
  • Palatal – relating to or affecting the roof of the mouth, or palate
  • Rollicking – boisterous and unrestrained in a lively and joyful way
  • Proximal – located near the center or point of origin

Words with “O” Long Sound

  • Goat – a mammal with hooves, horns, and a beard, often raised for milk, meat, or wool
  • Home – the place where one life, often a house or apartment
  • Note – a brief record of something written down to help remember it later
  • Cone – a three-dimensional geometric shape with a circular base and a pointed top
  • Phone – short for telephone, a device used for communicating over long distances
  • Prose – written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure
  • Alone – separate, apart, or not in the company of others
  • Toast – sliced bread that has been browned by exposure to heat, often served with butter or jam
  • Mole – a small, burrowing mammal with dark fur, a pointed snout, and tiny eyes and ears
  • Rose – a fragrant flower with thorny stems and usually pink, red, or white petals.

Best Scrabble Words with “OL”

  • CLOVE – a spice made from the dried flower buds of a tropical evergreen tree
  • SOLID – firm and stable in shape or form
  • FOLIO – a large sheet of paper folded in half to make two pages, often used for manuscripts or books
  • VOLTA – a unit of electrical potential, named after Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the battery
  • ROLES – the parts or functions that someone or something has in a particular situation
  • MOLDS – a container or matrix used for shaping something into a particular form
  • POLKA – a lively dance in duple times, often performed with a partner
  • LOOED – the past tense of “loo”, a British term for a toilet or bathroom
  • POLYOL – a type of alcohol used in the manufacture of polymers and plastics
  • DOLLOP – a large, shapeless mass or amount of something, often used to describe a serving of food.


Words with “OL” are an essential part of the English language. They are used to describe physical characteristics, actions, and emotions, and they are essential to everyday communication. Whether you are playing Scrabble or just trying to express yourself, knowing words with “OL” can help you communicate effectively and efficiently. So, the next time you encounter a word with “OL,” take a moment to appreciate its significance and the role it plays in the English language.