Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme

Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme

The scheme empowers the Members of parliament  to suggest to the district collector for works of developmental nature up to Rs 5 crores per annum in his/her constituency.

The members of Rajya Sabha of parliament can suggest works of developmental nature in one or more districts in the state from where they have been elected.

Nominated members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have the privilege to select any one or more districts from any one state in the country for implementing the works suggested under the scheme.

Centrally sponsored scheme was introduced in 1993-94.

Recent Developments 

The Government of India has asked the MPs to recommend the use of funds allocated under the MPLADS scheme for the following activities due to the outbreak of COVID-19:

  • To purchase the necessary medical testing and screening equipment for government hospitals.
  • Purchasing medicines and keeping the stock full.
  • Setting up requisite medical facilities in his/her constituency

All the district authorities have been advised to purchase the required medical equipment according to the guidelines issued by the Health Ministry.

Medical Testing and Screening Equipment

Allocated funds can be utilised for purchasing the following equipments:

  • Infrared Thermometers 
  • Protection Kits for every health worker
  • Thermal Imaging Scanners
  • COVID-19 Testing kits approved by the Ministry of Health
  • Creating more ICU ventilator and isolation wards
  • Producing of quality face masks, gloves, sanitizers and making them available to general public at reasonable price
  • Other necessary medical equipment required by the hospitals to crubb the outbreak of COVID-19 approved by the Health Ministry.


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