5 Most Searched Paint Stocks on Google


The paint sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India and today it is estimated to be a size of $8 billion. The sector caters to both the household and industrial sectors with many varieties such as distemper, plastic paints, oil paints, etc. available.

With urbanization and a never-ending demand, paint consumption is likely to increase, which makes it a lucrative sector to include in your trading portfolio.

If you wish to diversify your stock market online trading, you can take advantage of this growing industry with these top 5 most searched paint stocks on Google.

1.    Asian Paints

Asian Paints is one of the most prominent and heard-off companies in the paint industry. Asian paints manufacture paints for the Automotive, Industrial, and Decorative sectors. The company also has diversified their product offerings, which now includes manufacturing various sanitary ware like washbasins, sinks, etc.

The company has a robust supply chain and cutting-edge technology in its distribution centers helps in smoother processing. The R&D unit helps the company to stay updated and bring innovative solutions to its business catering to the vast majority of its customer base.

  • Asian Paints Share Price as on June 2023: ₹ 3260+
  • Market Cap: ₹ 3,000.75 billion

2.   Berger paints

The company came into existence in 1923 and is only second to Asian Paints. The company is the second-largest manufacturer of decorative paints and has manufacturing facilities located in Goa, J&K, West Bengal, and UP.

Berger Paints has a strong foothold in the household as well as industrial paints. For coating plastic substrate manufacturing, Berger Paints has ties with Nippon Bee Chemical. This coating is used for different automobiles as well as for mobiles. 

  • Berger Paints Share Price as on June 2023: ₹ 667+
  • Market Cap: ₹ 628.6 billion

3.    Kansai Nerolac

Being one of the oldest companies (since 1920), Kansai Nerolac has made its name in the manufacturing paints industry. The company caters to different industries including the auto market as well as household markets. Its product mix includes high-performance coatings, decorative paints, general industrial coatings, automotive coatings, and others.

  • Kansai Nerolac Share Price as on June 2023: ₹ 440+
  • Market Cap: ₹ 221.1 billion

4.   Indigo Paints

Indigo paints is one of the well-known brands for decorative paints in India. Besides decorative paints, its product portfolio includes distemper, putties, primer, cement paints, and wood coatings.

The company is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra and has manufacturing facilities in different cities of India.

  • Indigo Paints Share Price as on June 2023: ₹ 1420+
  • Market Cap: ₹ 71.73 billion

5.    Shalimar Paints

Shalimar Paints is a leading paint manufacturer in the industrial and architectural sectors and has a wide product range of products for interior and exterior paints.

The company has various brands namely Shaktiman, and Superlac, among others.

  • Shalimar Paints Share Price as on June 2023: ₹ 153+
  • Market Cap: ₹ 11.12 billion


The paint industry is set to grow exponentially with higher discretionary spending. Undertaking stock market online trading by adding these company shares to your trading portfolio can help you compound your capital and works as a great diversifier. However, you must also be aware of the factors that affect this industry to make an informed decision.