National Technical Textiles Mission

National Technical Textiles Mission

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs under the chairmanship of PM Shri Narendra Modi approved the setting up of a National Technical Textiles Mission.

The mission is approved from the viewpoint to achieve an average growth of 15-20% per annum taking the domestic market size to $40-50 billion by the year 2024 and make the country a global leader in technical textiles.

Total budget outlay for the mission is of Rs 1480 Crore to be utilised over a period of four financial years from 2020-21 to 2023-24.

About Technical Textiles

Technical Textiles products manufactured for non aesthetic purposes having application across various industries such as automobiles, civil engineering, construction, agriculture, healthcare etc.

Technical Textiles products are grouped under 12 categories based on their application areas which are Agrotech, Clothtech, Hometech, Mobiltech, Meditech, Protech, Geotech, Oekotech, Packtech, Buildtech, Indutech, Sportstech.

The share of Technical Textile segment is very low in India as compared to other developed countries

Key Points Under National Technical Textile Mission

The mission will be operational under Ministry of Textiles and have four main components:

  • First component with an outlay of Rs 1000cr includes sectors related to Research, Innovation and Development. It will aim to research and produce path breaking technological products both at fiber level and application- based in geo, agro, medical, mobile and sports  and development of bio¬≠degradable technical textiles.
  • Second component relates to promotion and development of technical textiles.
  • Third component deals with export promotion by setting up an export promotion council for technical textiles.
  • Fourth and last components will focus on education, training and skill development to cope with the fast growing technical textiles segment.

Benefits of National Technical Textile Mission

  • The NTTM will focus on improving technical education at higher engineering and technology levels with its application areas including medical, agriculture, engineering, aquaculture and dairy sectors.
  • The mission will provide skill development training for creating a pool of highly skilled manpower resources which will be sufficient enough to handle the highly sophisticated manufacturing units under the technical textiles industry.
  • The mission aims on improving export promotion policies which will increase the overall export share of India in the global market.
  • The use of products manufactured under the NTTM will reduce the cost involved in maintenance because of higher durability and life cycle of the products.
  • The Mission focuses on linking and improving the efficiency of the various programmes of the country such as Jal Jeevan Mission, Swachh Bharat Mission, Ayushman Bharat and many more by usage of technical textiles.


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