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Philips Avent Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump ReviewThe Philips Avent Single Electric Comfort breast pump provides nursing moms with the convenience of comfortable, easy and fast pumping at the click of a button. This breast pump is not only sold at a wallet-friendly price but has also been found to be compact and a lightweight in comparison to other breast pumps in the market. This makes it easy to carry it around, toss in a bag while traveling and keep away while not in use.

While using this breast pump, you can either plug it in or if you are on the go and cannot access power, you could make use of four AA batteries. By use of simple settings and a nicely cushioned breast shield, milk pumping sessions will become something you look forward to. This pump is made by a company that does electronics very well, and this product is even specifically listed on the various expert’s lists of the top pumps.

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Philips Avent Breast PumpFeatures

  • Allows you to sit up straight while expressing milk ( You are forced to lean forward while using other pumps hence causing you to sit in a posture that is quite uncomfortable.)
  • The pump has a gentle, natural stimulation mode and three pumping settings to choose from (low, medium or high).
  • Has a soft, silicone, BPA Free breast shield that has petal technology to give you pleasant pumping sessions.
  • This pump is easy to assemble and clean after use.
  • Compact, a Lightweight design that makes the pump easy to operate.
  • Compatible with multiple other feeding and pumping products from Philips Avent Comfort.

Philips Avent Breast Pump Why to buyWhy buy this?

  • It allows you to sit more comfortably

This breast pump is designed in such a way that you can easily express milk while you are seated up straight. This means that you will not have to lean forward as the design of this pump ensures that the pumped milk flows easily from the breast to the bottle. According to the medics, sitting comfortably allows you to relax throughout the pumping process; which naturally increases your milk supply and allows milk to flow easily.

  • Soft, velvety Massage Cushion

The Philips Avent Single electric Comfort breast pump has got a soft and velvety texture that offers the skin around your breast a gentle, warm feel that enhances the milk flow. This massage cushion is designed in such a way that while pumping, it mimics your baby’s natural sucking that has a clinically proven effectiveness (Increases milk let-down). The 25-mm breast cushion can comfortably fit most moms; but in the case where it does not fit, smaller and larger sizes are available, separately though.

  • Natural teat design

This breast pump has a breast-shaped teat that is wide to enhance your little one’s natural latch on just as easy as the mom’s breasts. This design goes a long way in making the process of your baby combining bottle and breasts feeding easier.

  • The design is compact and lightweight

This design makes it easy for a mom to hold and position on the breasts while pumping. For full control while expressing milk, you could place the lightweight base unit within reach. The tube that wraps around the base unit offers more convenience more so transport and storage. This pump is also designed in a way that makes it compatible with other baby feeding products from Philips Avent.

  • No leakages

This pump provides a good suction for your breasts thus ensuring that milk is pumped efficiently. It is also very easy to detach the bottle from the breast pump with no leakages.

  • Power options

You can either plug in or use the pump by inserting AA batteries. This means that you can either use the pump while at home or when on the go.

  • Easy to assemble

The design of this pump makes it super easy to match the various parts by simply looking at them. The parts of this pump can easily be taken apart or put together by simply following the intuitive feeling.

  • Simple settings

As soon as you switch on the pump, it automatically begins to gently stimulate your breasts to get the milk flowing. Then choose one of the three milk pumping settings to make the milk flow in the suction strength that you find most comfortable.

  • Easy to clean

This pump does not have many separate parts; making the cleaning process easier. During pumping, the milk neither comes into contact with the base unit nor the tubings. All parts apart from the electrical ones are dishwasher safe.

  • BPA Free

The sterilizer for this pump is made of materials that are BPA free.

The Philips Avent Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump provides moms with a high value, quality pumping sessions with ease of use. Puting into consideration the compact design of this pump, the ease to assemble and disassemble its various parts and easy to clean, the price is reasonable as it meets all the expectations a mom may have of an electric breast pump.

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