Pre-Wedding Hair Transplant


Seems you have long been waiting for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to get married to the love of your life. You might have been through stressful years that contributed to your hair fall. No matter what caused your hair to shed, a hair transplant can be a good way to regrow hair naturally. It is true that you are going to miss hair so much when you will see your wedding pictures. Why not get a hair transplant before the wedding and get married like a happy person.

Pre-wedding hair transplantation

This article explains what pre-wedding hair transplant is and how it works.

If you want to make your wedding more fun by growing hair, this topic is for you.

Understanding Hair Transplant

Before we proceed with other details, it is necessary to check how this procedure works. According to a famous medical information website WebMD, “It’s a type of surgery that moves hair you already have to fill an area with thin or no hair.

It was introduced in the 1950s by a Japanese surgeon and it has become one of the most sought after cosmetic treatments in the world. Today, different techniques are used to perform this wonderful treatment. In recent years, this method for hair restoration has become safe than ever.

Are You a Good Candidate?  

It is important to mention that hair transplant is not for everyone and only the people who qualify as a good candidate can undergo it explains a Hair Transplant Clinic. Obviously, this treatment is suitable for some individuals but some people may not get benefited from it.

Please note that only the person who fulfils the criteria can get the desired results or proper hair regrowth. Before you make your mind of this procedure, it is better to consult a qualified and experienced specialist. Ideally, the candidate must have a donor hair supply.

The scalp must not be tight if the FUT (follicular unit transplant) technique of strip method has been selected.

Any Risks and Side Effects?

Like all other cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, carries some side effects and risks. In general, the side effects are temporary and minor. The treatment site will become fully normal a few days after the surgery. There is no risk of complications if you choose an expert.

Let’s discuss what kind of risks and side affects you should expect. According to a famous website Medical News Today, the following risks exist:

  • Infection
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Bumps on the scalp
  • Scarring on the scalp
  • Inflammation of the hair follicles
  • Unnatural, patchy new hair growth

The side effects discussed above normally subside in one to two weeks. The recovery period will be smooth if you follow the instructions form the surgeon.

Is Hair Transplant Expensive?

It is a cosmetic procedure and it has been expensive in the past. A hair transplant is still an expensive procedure in many areas in the world but its price has become reasonable in many locations. The cost of the procedure depends on various factors that change from one person to another. Due to this reason, the price might be different for different individuals.

As per Medical News Today, the following costs are required to incur after the procedure:

  • Antibiotics
  • Pain medication
  • Anti-inflammatories

What Kind of Results It offer?

“The entire procedure takes five to eight hours. Our expert team will ensure your comfort by administering a local anesthetic to numb your scalp,” explains John Hopkins Medicine. The procedure is worth your money because it is going to restore the hair growth naturally.

The hair transplant procedure is safe for all but results may vary from patient to patient. The nature of the final results depend on the following factors:

  • The existing condition of the hair
  • The lifestyle and diet of the person
  • The hair transplant technique used
  • The post-operation care from the patient


Will Medical Insurance Cover it?

The people who have a medical insurance plan want their insurance company to cover their hair transplant. You know hair restoration is considered as a cosmetic procedure and most of health insurance providers do not cover hair transplant surgery.

Therefore, you should contact your insurance company to know if they fully or partially cover such procedures. Even if they do not cover it and you do not have enough savings to pay for it, there is another option that can be a perfect match for you.

You can ask your hair restoration surgeon for any financing options.

Interested in Installment Plans?

Major clinics now offer different options to finance your procedures. A financing option is actually a loan that is offered to fund your treatment. The person pays the same price after paying all instalments. The best thing is; there will be no interest or mark-up on this loan.

If you are little short on cash and waiting for a miracle to happen, just talk to your hair restoration surgeon and let the miracle happen. In most cases, the person must have a credit card offered by a particular bank to avail this loan facility.

For more information, please get touch with a provider in your area.

Ready to Multiply Your Joy?

The wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that must be alluring and fascinating. You may want to make this event more joyful by growing a good number of hairs on your head. If you have lost hair volume or you have bald spots on your scalp, hair transplant is your treatment to naturally grow hair.

Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with the nearest processional offering hair transplant procedure. It is important to choose a hair restoration surgeon carefully. A hair transplant with extensive experience is better than a professional with a non-medical background.


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