Rahul Gandhi Net Worth


Rahul Gandhi is one of the biggest politician names at this time as he is the president of the Indian National Congress party. Along with this, Rahul is also a member of Lok Sabha in Uttar Pradesh.

Rahul Gandhi is from a family that has a reputation in politics. His Grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru, is the first Prime Minister of India and all Indians feel very proud to have him. Here is a list of treasures that make Rahul Gandhi net worth more than a billion.

Rahul Gandhi
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Five best things Rahul Gandhi have in his Treasure

Here is the list of some valuable things that show Rahul Gandhi Net Worth is rupees 15 crore.

  • Earnings of Rahul Gandhi: Recently, an affidavit was submitted by the Congress party at the time of Lok Sabha Elections. Testimony shows all the gains of Gandhi and assets, which makes his earnings valuable from other politicians.
  • Investments of Rahul Gandhi: Gandhi has cash in hand of Rs. 40 thousand. He had invested six crores in different bonds, shares, and debentures. 
  • Farmhouses and Commercial Properties: Rahul Gandhi owns an inherited farm along with his sister in Sultanpur village worth of rupees 1.3 crores. He is the owner of 2 offices located in Gurugram and Haryana with a value of rupees 8.7 crores. 
  • Rental Income: The affidavit shows rupees 1.11 crores income generated from rent sources. Rahul Gandhi gets rupees 1 lakh pm royalty income from their bonds and mutual funds. 
  • Rahul Gandhi House and Cars: He has a single house in Delhi at Tughlaq lane. He has no cars due to some security reasons. Usually, Gandhi travel in SPG cars, and according to government records, he doesn’t own any vehicle.

So these are the things which show Rahul Gandhi Net Worth. Along with this, he is very interactive on social media platforms.


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