Report on the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP)


Table of Contents

The task force constituted for the National Infrastructure Pipeline submitted its final report to the central government. NIP is a first-of-its-kind, whole-of-government exercise to provide world-class infrastructure across the country and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

The National Infrastructure Pipeline aims to improve project preparation, attract investments(both domestic and foreign) into infrastructure projects, and will help in achieving the target of becoming a $5 trillion economy by the financial year 2025.

Highlights of the Report 

The report identifies and highlights recent infrastructure trends in Indian as well as in global markets.

The report has projected a need of total infrastructure investment of 111 lakh crore during FY 2020-25.

The report captures all deficits and challenges, sectoral progress and highlights multiple reforms to scale up infrastructure investments in various sectors.

The report has suggested various ways and means of financing National Infrastructure Pipeline such as Land Monetisation, setting up of Development Financial Institutions for the infrastructure sector, accelerating Monetisation of infrastructure assets, deepening corporate bond markets including those of municipal bonds etc.

The report has recommended for formation of three committees:

  • Steering Committee in DEA for raising financial resources for the NIP.
  • Steering Committee in each infrastructure sector at Ministry level for following up implementation.
  • Committee to monitor NIP progress and eliminate delays.


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