10 Tips To Maintain Your Residential Siding


Residential Siding is undoubtedly one of most important components of a building. Be it a home or a commercial property, siding brings in a lot advantages and benefits. However, it is always crucial to keep an active eye on its maintenance and cleanliness.

For homeowners, they may need to hire exclusive siding services which would provide them considerable help in preventing any damage to their siding. Those who want to hire a trusted and reliable Residential siding repair and maintenance service, here are ten basic tips that would help preserve the siding in their home.

Residential siding

Regular Cleaning

It’s an important tip. When you regularly cleaning your sidings, it will ensure the removal of the dirt and mildew which has the impact of shortening the life of your siding. This means by cleaning your siding, you can enhance its life to a great extent.

Understand that a clean house will also protect your investment. A proper siding will help improve the curb appeal of building and an impressive curb appeal can increase the value of your property by 5 to 10 percent!

Yearly Washing

The siding is prone to accumulating dirt, grime and other types of stains throughout the year. There is also a fair chance that it will grow mold and mildew particularly in areas that are full of damp and shade. To prevent this loss, washing it on yearly basis will help. Cleaning your siding is simple.

All you need is a cloth or a soft bristle. Starting at the bottom and you should work your way up to avoid streaking. Despite the fact that you can purchase and use several cleaning products, nothing, however, beats a homemade solution which works just as fine.

Therefore, make sure that you are washing the sidings regularly every year. This will not only make them cleaner and fresher but will also enhance its life.

No hitting Or Blows

Siding offers various levels of strength. Depending on the type of material, it may stronger than usual or weak. However, it is better to remain on the safer side than being reckless and bearing the loss. If you have bicycles or lawnmowers, you should park them at a safe distance from sidings. Even though a siding may not be dented yet it can still crack or break! It’s entirely up to you to prevent this damage. In case however the damage happens, don’t waste any time in fixing or replacing it!

Keep Inspecting For Damage

One of the many ways to care about your siding is doing its checking on a regular basis. You can set for yourself a specific time period after which you’ll be visiting the siding in your home and checking them for any damage or crack.

If you notice any breaking point, it’s time to call for a professional yet reliable siding damage repair service. You can only discover damage if you keep inspecting on a strict schedule. Make sure to do it!

Timely Repair

Siding could be an expensive project. Even though some of the sidings are fairly strong and durable, they can still get damaged. If you notice any breaking or cracking anywhere in the siding, know that it requires repair. A small crack can be fixed without having to replace the entire siding. But for that, it is a must that you go for a repair in time!

Keep Eliminating Mildew

Are you noticing those stubborn, black spotty stains? It’s probably mildew! Making sure that your siding is free of it is highly imperative. As soon as it appears, you can deal with it using a little diluted bleach. Afterward, clean the entire area with a solution containing one part of bleach and four parts water. Make sure you are wearing eye protection to keep your eyes from splashes.

siding damage repair

Avoid Melting

For those who have vinyl siding, melting is a real threat. And it won’t even take a lot to cause damage. To prevent melting, make sure that there is no open flame around your siding. For safety, it is important to keep the grills at a distance of 2-3 feet away from your home.

Repair Stucco

You can cover cracks and small holes using certain color-matched exterior acrylic caulk. You can also try pressing into the surface of wet caulk. It will help match the texture of the nearby stucco. Then, you should paint it for the repair to match.

However, for larger holes and cracks, you will have to rely on the services of a professional!

Know When Professional Help Is Required

If it is water-related damage, calling a reliable siding water damage repair professional would work best. You cannot always treat your siding on your own. So, be very careful and know when it is time to hire professionals.

Paint On Dry Siding

If the siding has problems such as peeled paint or lose caulk, you should better let it dry before painting it. This would preserve the siding’s strength preventing looks damage!


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