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Rogelio Baena is a businessman who rose to fame after his ex-wife Mildred Patricia Baena’s affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger went viral. Mildred was the housekeeper of the Hollywood star-turned-California governor and they had a son together, Joseph Baena. The couple separated in October 1997 and divorced in February 2008 after the scandal broke out.

Mildred’s affair with Arnold left her husband shocked to learn that the child he had raised was not his. It took him a long time to come to terms with the truth and even now, he does not use his paternal name and prefers to be called by his first name only. Joseph learned about his father’s affair as well and was angry at his mother for lying to him all those years.

Baena has a net worth of around $1 million and lives a simple life. He doesn’t have any social media accounts and leads a private lifestyle. Mildred is also a mother and she has a daughter Jackie Rozo with her former husband. She has retired from the public eye and now resides in Bakersfield, California with her partner. She is also a talented singer who has ventured into the acting industry as well. She has a lot of potential and hopes to establish her career further in the near future. She does not want to be known as ‘Mildred Baena’ and wants to create a name for herself.

Mildred Patricia Baena & Rogelio Baena

Quick Details About Rogelio Baena

Full Name:Rogelio Baena
Profession:Businessman, Celebrity Ex-husband
Country:United States of America
Relationship Status:divorce
DivorceMildred Patricia
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorGrey

Rogelio Baena Professional Life and Career

The television show star is not active on social media and leads a private life. He is believed to be single and has a net worth of $500k. His son Joseph has a similar fortune and he too is not very active on the social media platforms. Joseph often shares photos of his biological dad Arnold on his accounts.

Joseph and Rogelio are the result of Mildred Patricia Baena’s extra-marital affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mildred was the maid in the Schwarzenegger mansion and developed a love affair with the actor which led to her pregnancy. The couple married in 1997 and separated in 2008 after news of their child’s paternity was revealed.

It was Maria Shiver who discovered the truth and confronted Mildred Baena about it. She admitted that her love child was the product of an affair with Schwarzenegger. She asked for a DNA test when her son was just a toddler to prove it and the results showed that Arnold was the father of the boy.

Despite this, the actor maintains that he is very proud of his son and is supportive of him. He has even stated that he wants him to follow his footsteps and make his mark in the world.

Considering his father’s legacy, it is not surprising that Joseph is interested in making a career out of acting. Currently, he is working on a new show called “Boy Meets World”. The young actor has gained a lot of fame in the industry due to this show and is receiving a lot of positive reviews for his work.

Rogelio Baena and Mildred Patricia Relationship

Mildred Patricia Baena rose to fame after being involved in a love affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is famous for being the mother of his son Joseph who resembles many of her father’s features. She is currently single and has kept her personal life away from the media. She lives in Bakersfield, California and spends her weekdays working in Calabasas.

She was married to her second husband, Rogelio de Jesus Baena for more than ten years before the two separated. They had a daughter together. However, it was not a happy marriage as they were constantly fighting. The couple finally decided to get a divorce in 2008 but did not reveal the reason for their separation.

Rogelio Baena is known to be a wealthy person and has earned decent amount of money from his profession. He has also ventured into television and is a popular actor in the Latin America. He has starred in several TV shows including Dancing With The Stars.

It was not long before he found himself in a love triangle with his ex-wife, Mildred Patricia and his lover, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mildred claimed that her son with the Hollywood actor is her biological child but it was later revealed that the actor is the boy’s true father. Arnold also admitted the truth to his then wife Maria Shriver during a marriage counseling session.

Rogelio Baena Net Worth

Rogelio Baena Net Worth is something that has always been a mystery. The actor doesn’t share any information regarding his financial status with the public, but he is surely earning a decent amount of money as he is an established actor. He also has his own business, which is quite successful as well.

Unlike other actors, Rogelio prefers not to use social media and lives a private life. His decision to stay away from the spotlight has helped him maintain his authenticity in a world where oversharing is the norm.

As for his personal life, the actor is currently single and has a daughter named Jackie Rozo from his previous marriage with Mildred Patricia Baena. The couple divorced in 2008, which is after news of Mildred’s affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger went viral.

Mildred is also a former housekeeper for the famous household, which earned her a decent amount of money. She served for the family for more than 20 years and retired after her love child with Arnold came to light.

Mildred’s son, Joseph Baena, is the biological offspring of her and the household patriarch. She had a love child with Arnold and tried her best to keep the relationship a secret from her husband, but eventually, Rogelio found out about the affair and suspected that Joseph wasn’t his son. Eventually, the pair had to get DNA tests done, which confirmed that Arnold is Joseph’s father. This was a big blow to Rogelio as it led to the end of their marriage.

Rogelio Baena – Body Measurements

6 feet 1 inch and weighs 78 kg.