Five Best Uses of Sea Salt Spray


A clear, sunny day, laying on the beach, soaking up some much-needed sun– pretty much everyone’s definition of heaven. It doesn’t get much better than a day on the water, but, unfortunately, this can’t be the reality of daily life. The next best thing is having little reminders every day that hint at a day on the beach. One of the most noticeable aspects of the beach is the scent of the fresh salt water wafting around your nose. The smell of the ocean is something most people wouldn’t mind being reminded of daily. Now, how is that possible? Not surprisingly, sea salt spray has become increasingly popular, not only for its memorable scent, but also for its multi purposes. Although the use of sea salt spray may seem uncertain, there are many natural and useful ways to put its beachy goodness to great use!

sea salt spray
Sea salt spray has become increasingly popular, not only for its memorable scent, but also for its multi purposes.


Here are the best five ways to use sea salt spray:

  1. Texturized Hair: Hair, Hair, Hair…. it’s something the most of us have, and all have to deal with at some point. It’s easy to get tired of the same old, straight hair every day. But, this sea salt spray offers a new, natural alternative! Try braiding slightly damp hair and then spray some sea salt in it. Overnight, your hair will turn into a volumized, texturized dream! You will have the hair of your dreams in one simple step. Plus, you can wear your new look for a sunny day on the beach and fit right in with your wavy locks! An added bonus is the wonderful salty scent that will stay in your hair as well!
  2. Revitalized Hair: Let’s be honest, we have all had those days where we just don’t wash our hair. Between pure laziness and no motivation, to simply not having enough time, at some point our hair has been the least of our priorities. With the rise in popularity of dry shampoo, many other facets of hair remedy have taken the back burner. However, sea salt spray is a great revitalizer for second, third, or, let’s be real, fourth day hair. Add some sea salt spray to the underneath of your hair, working up to the roots. The salt in the spray will be a counter balance to the grease in your hair and will absorb a majority of the grease. The water will then add a refreshed, revamped look to your tresses, without adding a greasy, unwashed look. Sea salt spray is a more natural option than dry shampoo, and will not only give a cleanlier look but feeling too!
  3. Add to Roots: A super simple option for impressive, volumized hair is focusing on the roots. For added texture, spray some more sea salt at the roots of your hair and leave it in overnight. In the morning your hair will have extra volume and lift. Sea salt spray is a better option than hair spray, because it is lighter, smells better, and is all around much more natural. Your hair will also not feel weighed down like hair spray can do, but will feel less dampening, and more free!
  4. Perfect Ponytail: When in a hurry, maybe you are not feeling up to having the locks down and flowing. Fortunately, sea salt spray also works wonders for your hair even when up! For a perfect ponytail, spray sea salt mixture into your hair when creating the pony, adding more grip and structure. Add sea salt spray to the end of the ponytail and scrunch for a fun, textured look. This way, you will have a hairstyle that looks put together, but took less than five minutes to complete!
  5. Styled Hair: So far it may seem like all the uses for sea salt spray result in a more natural, tousled hair look. But what if you want that endearing scent of the sea around you even at a fancy event? Are there ways to use sea salt spray for any occasion, especially for a more formal event? Of course! For more complex, styled hair, spritz sea salt spray into slightly damp hair before the styling begins. This way, you will have an ample amount of grip and texture embedded in the hair. The final product will be perfectly curled hair, with a bonus of extra volume and body.

In any hair situation, sea salt spray can come to great use. The top five best ways to use sea salt spray vary from a simple pony to carefully styled curls to bohemian beach waves. There really is no need to say no to sea salt spray! Give it a try the next time you find yourself frustrated with your hair. All hair has potential, it just might need a few spritzes of sea salt spray to find perfection!

Jordan is a writer for Beautifully Alive. She loves eating healthy and trying new recipes. The self-proclaimed Zumba Queen has a passion for beauty products and loves reading new books. She’s always down for a DIY project!



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