Selection of Artificial Grass for your Backyard


Artificial grasses have become quite popular in the market; you can find a number of sellers online and offline. But the selection of artificial grass that is best for you can be tricky. In the busy life of the cities, that’s being closest to nature and feeling it between your toes utterly relaxing. And the greens are soothing to the eyes. Having a garden in your backyard can sometimes be the best escape for you. So you can’t comprise with the second best. Grass is also preferred as it is a low-maintenance ordeal. Installing it is not a herculean task either. Making it a good way to enhance the aesthetics of the place. The selection of artificial grass depends on certain factors.

Here Are A Few Points That Artificial Grass Might Help You In The Process

Artificial Grass

Choices Of Grass You Get

With the rising demand for synthetic grass, there are different types of grass in the market. The main grass features include pile height, density, and color.

  • Synthetic grass is available in different shades of green. It’s not that one glary green color now.
  • Real grass has a lush look. A pile height of 30 – 37 mm is said to be the best-suited one.
  • The density of the grass plays an important role


Most of the companies provide free samples of their artificial grass range. You can collect such samples from different vendors and compare them to analyze them better. And remember, the grass comes with a warranty. A minimum of 10-year warranty is a must.


Whenever we are investing, the price or expenditure has a huge impact on our choices and vice versa.

While the Nylon based artificials grass, which is generally used for the soccer fields, will give you the best quality, on the other than the Polyethylene based grass would give a better natural look.

Foot Traffic

While choosing artificial grass, you must also take into account the purpose of use. For example, if you choose grass for a heavy traffic area, you need to invest in heavy-duty artificial grass. While the high-end Nylon grass is designed for heavy foot traffic and extensive heat, the Polypropylene grass would not be able to endure so much.

Colour And Quality

Do you remember how awesome it felt when you walked barefooted on the grass in the park? A good quality artificial grass must feel good when touched. While Nylon grass would have a rough feeling, Polyethylene or Polyamide grass would give that soft natural feeling.

The Nylon grass would have an artificial green look; polyethylene and polypropylene grass would give off a natural grassy look.

Grass Height And Density

When it comes to selecting artificials grass, you have to ensure that it gives a natural look and feel; you must make sure that they are of the right height and density. No one loves a bushy garden or a spotty one. The average height of the grass should be 30-37 mm, and the density should be equally distributed.

Backing Of The Grass Layer

Artificial Grass

Every artificial grass patch comes with a backing made out of polyethylene or latex. You can choose either of them for your own depending on the kind of temperature extremities would locality experiences. While the polyethylene backing does not shrink or expand, the latex backing is known to expand up to 10 mm in areas with extreme climate conditions.

Maintaining The Grass

When it comes to the selection of artificial grass, it is always low maintenance. However, proper maintenance of the artificial grass would only increase its longevity.

Artificial Grass can act as a boon in disguise for people looking for a wonderful natural-looking backyard. However, artificial grass is usually costly, depending on the kind of turf you select. So do choose wisely! Happy Gardening!


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