3 Reasons Why Regular Septic Tank Emptying is Essential


Septic tanks, waste treatment plants and their precursors, aka cesspools must be emptied on a regular basis by professional sewage collection experts. It’s not something that any homeowner can ignore without facing real problems. If you are worried about the cost of septic tank emptying, or just the need of doing so in the first place, read on as we explain the reasons.

Septic tanks

Full Septic Tanks Contaminate the Environment

Full, uncleaned, and neglected septic tanks and especially cesspools are quite literally cesspools of filth bacteria, parasites, and germs of a wide variety. If a septic tank is not emptied on a regular basis and well before it starts to spill over, it will contaminate the ground and the air nearby, thus compromising the environment around it.

Yearly Inspections Lower the Septic Tank Emptying Cost

The official recommendation is to call in professionals for septic tank emptying every year. Even if the tank is not exactly full in a year’s time, it’s better to have it emptied for finance-related reasons. To understand why that’s true, consider the fact that the main reason why regular cleaning is not carried out has a lot to do with the high septic tank emptying cost UK homeowners are not particularly fond of.

However, the septic tank emptying cost will always be lower if you get them emptied before they fill up and start to spill over. In other words, have your septic tank emptied on a yearly basis even if it has not yet filled up yet, because it lowers your septic tank emptying cost quite significantly. If the level is too low though, the sewage collection company itself will inform you that it’s too early to have the tank cleaned.

Uncleaned Septic Tanks Endanger People’s Health and Wellbeing

The same sewage that’s polluting the ground and the air after spilling over may also compromise the health and wellbeing of everyone living in its vicinity. This includes both your own family and your neighbours. The smell alone can be horrendous, and it will only grow stronger if your septic tank is not emptied soon after.

The potential dangers go well beyond just a bad smell of course. Septic tank emptying must be completed on a yearly basis to avoid health and safety hazards such as:

  • Foul-smelling, germ-infested drains and lawns
  • Infected water seeping into the ground water
  • Increased chances of contracting diseases such as typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, hepatitis, etc.
  • Increased chance of the infested sewage infecting pets, plants, and livestock

Other than potential health hazards, your neighbours are not likely to take kindly to odorous, unclean sewage tanks or cesspools either. Complaints and arguments are almost inevitable on being neglectful since it endangers everyone in the vicinity.

You won’t find anyone on your side if it starts stinking to high heaven and the official authorities likely won’t be too pleased about it either. Keep your septic tank emptying cost low, your family healthy, and your neighbours happy by having the tank cleaned once a year. If it’s a cesspool though, it must be cleaned every month.