Everything You Need to Know About Shade Structures and Its Usage


Shade structure refers to the structure that shades the areas of the home or public place. The structure is installed to shade the area from the direct contact with sunrays. The shade structure is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and made up of a variety of materials. When it comes to shaping, the shape of the shade can be rectangle, round, square, hexagonal or any other. Well, the shape of shade structures relies on the shape of the area that needs to be shaded. For instance, picnic table pavilion can use hexagonal shade structure, square or rectangular to completely block the rays of the sun. If you want to shade the garage area, you may use cantilever shade.

Shade Structure

If you want to shade your deck or patio area, there are several inexpensive shade solutions that you can use. The portable shade canopy is the way to keeping the deck or patio cooler when it is scorching summer. It blocks the harmful rays of the sun as well. There is the entire range of cheaper deck and patio shade solutions available. Gazebos or portable shade canopy is the popular choice where the prices start as lower as $100 and move to $1000 depending on the material and the cost of installation work. The shade canopy is actually the tent carrying 4 posts in all. It does not take togo long to set them up. You may move the shade easily and install somewhere else also. The shades are waterproof and you may avail them in hundreds of styles. Thus, you may find the shade structure which suits your need. When it is winter, you may pack the shade and store it properly.

Choose Mix and Match the Color

Shade material can be availed from online companies. It is good to choose shade structure in the mix and match the color. If you are choosing shade structure for the theme park, you must go for colorful structure. On the other hand, pool or restaurant can have neutral color shade. If you can blend more and more colors, the shade structure will look appealing and boost the curb appeal of the space. So, it will be both decorative and functional.

The material of Shade Structure

Shade structures can be prepared by using various materials like lightweight and breathable fabric, plastic or metal. While choosing the material, you have to take into account the durability factor. If you need shade for pool area or pavilion, you may consider plastic material for the shade structure. Although metal is expensive, it is a durable and appealing choice.

Shade Structures

Various Benefits of Using Shade Structure

Shade structures do provide protection from sun rays. They can shade areas like pool, deck, patio, swimming pools for years. Installation of the shaded structure is quite beneficial for your health too as exposure to the harmful rays of the sun for a prolonged period may cause skin cancer. You can also enjoy outdoor activity under the shaded structure no matter how hot it is. The area under the shade will stay cool and this is another benefit. You can read a book, enjoy the picnic in the region where shade structure is installed. The shade structure is the best addition that you can make to the playground. With this, you can provide your kids with a safe and healthy environment to play in the summer.

Before choosing shade structure, you need to take into account the layout of your park. What is the size of the area and to what extent shade is required needs to be considered. Color scheme and aesthetics of the shade structure should also be considered.


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