Tasmanian Oak Floorboard: Impart A Distinct Taste To Your Home Decor


Tasmanian Oak is a kind of hardwood that is produced from three trees in combination such as, Eucalyptus Regnant, Eucalyptus Oblique or Eucalyptus Delegates.  These trees are found in the mountainous sections of southeast New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania. Tasmanian Oak, the light-colored hardwood timber is mostly sourced from the Australian state of Tasmania where it is extensively found. The color of Tasmanian Oak ranges from straw to light reddish brown. This kind of hardwood is used for Home construction which includes paneling and flooring.

Tasmanian Oak Floorboards

It is an Australian Oak variety known for color and durability:

Tasmanian oak comes with excellent straining qualities which gives a decidedly beautiful finish.

Tasmanian Oak has been a widely sought-after flooring option since ages. Tasmanian Oak, the beautiful looking timber, adds a warm and sophisticated feel to your house. The specially designed Tasmanian Oak also comes in colors like pale straw to yellow-brown.

The various kinds of Tasmanian Oak Floorboards:

Tasmanian Oak Floorboards are available across various types like Feature Grade, Standard Grade, and Select Grade. The Tasmanian Floorboards also come in several sizes that range from 85x19mm, 108x19mm to 133x19mm. This kind of solid hardwood flooring comes together in packs that consist of various lengths of floorboards. You can select the type of floorboards that you like from the templates that are available online. Hardwood Tasmanian varieties are taken from cool temperate climates and each species has its own individual richness and complexity.

How to find the best Tasmanian Oak Floorboards in the market?

Tasmanian Oak Floorboards are solid hardwood timber flooring which is fresh and welcoming. Tasmanian Oak Flooring is often marketed under the name of Victorian Ash because one can spot hardly any difference between the two. However, to ascertain the authenticity of your Tasmanian Oak Floorboards, you will have to look at the color. Tasmanian Oak Floorboards tend to be darker in color than Victorian Ash because they are mixed. In terms of strength and durability, Tasmanian Oak Floorboards leave Victorian Ash behind.

tasmanian Oak Floorborads

Why Tasmanian Flooring is the most revered flooring option?

Tasmanian flooring is one of the most resilient ones in the myriad flooring options. It is also perfectly suited for tongue and groove flooring. When it comes to constructing furniture, scantlings, cabinetry and paneled walls, the Tasmanian floorboard is the most preferred option. Tasmanian Floor boarding is popular among the building designers and architects that have a vision for elegantly designed modern houses with a notably crisp appearance.

Why Tasmanian Oak is a light option for flooring?

Tasmanian Oak has a Jana rating of 5.5 which means it is a little softer than some of the other hardwood counterparts. This kind of timber has extreme durability and the key benefits are- it glues, sands and polishes very easily. This beautiful type of hardwood is suitable for both internal and external applications. It is important for you to maintain the wood flooring surface and there is also a scale that applies to the level of penetration on the hardwood or Tasmanian wood flooring.

How good is Tasmanian Oak for flooring?

Tasmanian Oak flooring is famous among the Australians because they have a timeless appeal. Tasmanian Oak flooring completely transforms your house from mundane to luxurious. This is a 100% natural flooring option and hence Eco-friendly. Tasmanian Oak, on top of everything, is incredibly versatile which has varied applicability that ranges from flooring to paneling. Tasmanian Oak Flooring goes best with open-plan living areas which add a sense of spaciousness. You can choose this kind of flooring to decorate your kitchen, living and dining area.


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