The Different Types of Nail Treatments


Choosing the right nail treatments is about more than just your budget. Those that don’t frequent their local nail salon may not realize all that goes into the pricing of the different nail services. They may choose the cheapest option to save money but tend to end up feeling dissatisfied. 

In this article, we discuss the different options for manicures and pedicures. We discuss cost, easy-of-application, and length of treatment. Continue reading if you want to make the best beauty decision for you. 

Nail Treatments

1. Basic Polish Manicures

Basic polish manicures and pedicures are classic in terms of nail services. These nail treatments are simple and cost-friendly. Your nails are filed, cleaned, and painted with regular polish for a quick and easy spa experience. 

Most salons have a wide variety of colors to choose from. So, even though this service is simple, you can still have fun with it and show your personality. 

2. Shellac Manicures

A shellac mani-pedi is one of the most popular nail treatments at almost every nail salon. You get the fun, refreshed look of polish with added longevity. Shellac polish is a combination of gel and basic polish.

While the price is a little higher for shellac nail services, it’s worth it if you work in an industry where you use your nails a lot. It helps minimize chipping and cracking. Many believe the extra cost is worth it. 

3. Gel Manicures

Gel manicures are the next step up in nail treatments and are also one of the most costly and time-consuming nail treatments available. One of the benefits of a gel mani-pedi is the ability to lengthen your nails. The best technicians at nail salons will also be able to create the shape you want.

Plus, the gel material is sturdy, which means greater longevity and a reduced risk of breakage when compared to regular polish or even shellac. However, a professional nail technician needs to complete the treatment to minimize damage. 

4. Acrylic Manicures

Before gel arrived, acrylic was the way to go for manicures or pedicures, and it’s still a popular option. While more affordable than gel, the application takes about the same amount of time.

Like gel, acrylic manicures last longer than regular polish and create a hard surface from a combination of powder and liquid. This material is also great for building longer nails or shaping existing nails.

Before application, nails are filed to create texture for the acrylic to grab onto. This can result in nails becoming weak, which is why they should be applied by a professional. They can also advise you on how and when to use products such as cuticle oil to keep your cuticles and nail beds well-hydrated.

5. Dip Powder Manicures

Dip powder nail treatments are another relatively cheap, quick, and easy option for manicures. They use SNS powder (Signature Nail System). As with all manicures, your nails are prepped and cleaned before they’re coated with a base coat then carefully dipped into the colored powder of your choice.

Another layer is sometimes applied as needed depending on the desired level of color and thickness. Finally, the process ends with a topcoat that is set with a UV or LED light. This relatively simple process requires minimal skill and is fast to complete.

Which Nail Treatments Are Right for You?

Take the time to consider your options when it comes to nail treatments. Whether you want quick and simple manicures or pedicures with traditional polish or SNS powder or something that will last like gel, the decision depends on your personal preferences.  For more tips and recommendations, visit our Lifestyle section today.


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