The Essential Facts About Wooden Crates


Be it for moving house or industrial shipments crates are essential for packing up the goods. From multinational companies to your next-door neighbor, everyone uses boxes when packing. The cardboard box may serve you well, but when the contents are too many or too heavy, they fail to hold their shape.

Wooden box crates, on the other hand, are far sturdier and have more capacity as compared to cardboard boxes. Wooden crates are so robust that companies use for transporting massive shipments. These crates come in various sizes and are capable of storing tons of cargo.

Wooden box crates

In this article, we will look at these wooden crates and tell you the benefits of wooden box crates and its types.

  • Pros of Using Wooden Crates: Before we go into the benefits of using these wooden crates, we must first know the various types of crates that exist. There is the humble cardboard box, the sturdier plywood crate, and the wooden crates. Anything above these is called containers made out of steel. Now, let us list the advantages of wooden box crates.
  • Affordability: For industrial manufacturers, the two options when it comes to crates are either wooden or plywood crates. However, plywood crates cost more than wooden crates. Wooden crates, on the other hand, are cheaper, as these are made of natural wood that needs no further processing. Wooden crates reduce the overall transportation costs and in turn, it reduces the manufacturing cost, as well.
  • Robust and Secure: Wooden crates are designed to be sturdy, from simple boxes to supported frames, these crates can be sturdy. Wooden crates are perfect for transporting fragile and valuable goods. Items made of glass to those made out of metal are all equally secure inside a wooden case. These crates are also resistant to seawater and rough weather.
  • Light but Strong: Wooden crates are great for storing things because they are light, but they can also be sturdy. Wooden box crates have thick walls that enable them to be stacked. If the weight distribution is correct, then wooden crates can withstand massive pressure.
  • Natural materials: Wood is non-toxic. It is a product of nature. Wooden crates are also non-toxic and chemical free, making them safer to handle. Plywood boxes need extra materials and processing. These crates also provide good ventilation, as they have gaps between each plank.

Types of Wooden Crates

Now, let us look at the types of wooden crates.

  • Closed Crates: These crates completely enclose the items inside the box. Wooden planks are used to make these crates. These crates have little space left between the planks. They are not expandable. Closed wooden crates are good for shipping fragile items.
  • Open Crates: These kind of crates are slightly different from closed wooden crates. These crates have wider gaps and provide ventilation inside the box, making them well suited to transport fertilizers and manure. Such commodities are spoiled when kept in enclosed cases.
  • Frame Crates: These are the sturdiest type of wooden crates. These crates contain diagonal ribbing on each wall for enhanced strength and durability. Large items, heavy machinery, and other are transported in these crates. These wooden crates have wooden rails, so they can be easily lifted using a forklift.

In the end, it can be said that wooden box crates are ideal for transporting almost everything to anything. These boxes are light, sturdy, and made out of natural materials. They are easy to make and repair. They are reusable and recyclable. They are customizable and can be made to suit specific needs. No matter, what your shipping needs are, wooden crates are adequate to meet all your needs.


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