This Is How to Find Reputable Charities for Your Donations


With money being tight for many people because of the forced shutdown of businesses, is it likely that charities are receiving fewer donations?

Research shows Americans are very generous especially during times of crisis and in spite of personal difficulties.

Though we love that giving feeling and while there are many worthy charities, some may not be on the up and up. Keep reading to learn how to find reputable charities before you write that check.

This Is How to Find Reputable Charities for Your Donations

Does the Charity Clearly State What it Will Do With the Money?

One of the most prominent examples of a charity not having any programs in place to achieve their stated goals is the Black Lives Matter Foundation. They have not spent any money on their “get-to-know-each-other gatherings” that they talk about on their website.

Look for charities that clearly state their goals and can show exactly what they’re doing to meet these goals. For example, are they funding research? Are they helping build homes in poor neighborhoods?

Ask questions before giving your money away to every cause that solicits you for a donation. 

How Efficient Are Their Fundraising Efforts?

The best charities to give to are the ones that don’t spend a lot of their funds on fundraising efforts. If a group spends $5,000 to bring in $5,000, that just does not make sense.

For every dollar spent on fundraising, the goal should be to bring in at least twice that if not three or four times more.

Some charity watchdog organizations give top ratings only to charity groups that make $100 for every $20 or $25 spent on fundraising.

Who Is Overseeing the Charity?

Is there an independent board of directors overseeing the organization’s activities? A charity can say they do this or that with the money, but if there is no oversight, we don’t know if what they are saying is true.

An independent board oversees fundraising efforts and the use of money to meet the charity’s goals.

How Effectively Are the Funds Used?

How do know if the money you donate goes towards the goals of the organization or to pay salaries of staff or rental space, etc.?

If you want to know that most of your donation, at least 70-75%, is going towards the actual charitable programs rather than administrative fees, do some research to find out this information.

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What Are The Best Charities to Donate to?

Now that you’ve learned how to find reputable charities, you have to decide which ones are the best use of your donation. Find a charity that is not only reputable but means something to you. Be sure to bookmark our site for easy access to the latest information on business, tech, lifestyle, home, fashion, and beauty. We have you covered


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