Best Tips to Prepare for JEE Advanced


Studying for the Indian JEE exam is no walk in the park, especially if you are looking for the best books for jee advanced to crack the exam. There are many questions you’ll have to answer to ace it, so before you begin studying for it, here are some tips that can help you prepare for this round.

Tips to Prepare for JEE Advanced

Study consistently and rigorously

You must study consistently and rigorously for the exam. Start early and make it a habit. Get in the habit of studying every day, and you’ll find it easy to continue after the exams. Start with a study session before you sleep and while you are eating as well. Make it a habit to study while you are out of the room or just sitting idle.

Don’t use shortcuts

Use only material that can help you better understand the subject matter. If you find that you are using an entire book just to memorize the contents, don’t bother. Make use of online resources and use a notebook. Make sure you are getting answers to your questions as well.

Know the basics of each subject

For each and every subject, your first step should be to know the basics of it. While you go through the chapters, don’t try to cram in so much information that you end up forgetting it all. Even if you are going through difficult chapters and feel like you cannot understand them, don’t forget to break them down into smaller parts and get your answers from those parts. Remember that you are in a competition, and if you don’t understand the basics of a subject, how can you expect to understand the advanced ones?

Attend mock tests

For each and every subject, you’ll be asked to attend mock tests. If you can’t make it to any, at least try to attend the practice sessions. This will help you get a feel of how the exam goes and also provide you with an idea of the kind of questions that will be asked during the actual exam. You can attend mock tests online as well. If you don’t have the time or money to travel to a testing center, you can make use of online resources to help you practice.

Take help from online resources

There are a number of websites that offer study materials for various competitive exams, Infinity Learn for example. A lot of which has free resources to help you prepare for the exam. The number one thing that you should do when you are preparing for a competitive exam is to learn from the mistakes of the candidates who have gone before you. Several websites have solved previous year’s papers and provided you with the mistakes that were made so that you don’t have to make those same mistakes. You can also ask questions on forums or Reddit, where a lot of students share their problems and solutions.

Read up on concepts you are weak in

For many students, preparing for the JEE Advanced test can be a difficult and intimidating job, particularly given the vast and complicated syllabus. Reading up on ideas that you are weak in is key advice that can significantly assist in the preparation process. This entails identifying the themes or subjects that are especially difficult or confusing for you and committing additional time and effort to study and master them. It’s critical to be honest with yourself about your weaknesses, as ignoring them can hurt your total exam success. By concentrating on your weak points, you can lay a strong base of information and confidence, which will serve you well during the test.

Talk to people who have cleared it before

One of the most useful JEE Advanced preparation tips is to speak to individuals who have already passed the exam. These individuals have already gone through the process of preparing for and taking the test and can provide useful insights and guidance based on their own experiences. They can share their study, time management, test-taking techniques, and advice on remaining motivated and concentrated during the preparation period.

Speaking with successful JEE Advanced applicants can also help you better grasp the exam’s structure, challenge level, and key areas to concentrate on. So, reach out to previous JEE Advanced champions and benefit from their experiences to improve your odds of passing the test.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to prepare for the JEE Advanced. Remember that this exam is a very difficult one and is a good challenge for anyone who wants to attempt it. You will definitely have to put in a lot of work and effort if you want to crack it, but with the right strategy and jee mock test, you can definitely make it to the list of successful candidates. So, don’t give up on cracking the exam just yet!