Top 10 Android Apps for Business


So running a business is not a cake walk!  There are so many tasks at hand to manage to start from the products and services to managing a massive workforce of employees, a network of professionals, and in such a hassle if you are not organized things may slip from your hand and making ineffective decisions can hamper your business profitability in the long term and many other aspects. Since you have got such a long list of complicated tasks, it’s quite easy to become stressed! But what if you get some fantastic and latest applications to organize your everyday job with ease! And what’s the good news that now you can with your Android! Here we got you the most preferred android apps from the corporate world for 2019.

1. Calendar powered by Google

Have you ever missed an important meeting or business trip! Or you have exceeded from some deadline since you have missed the due date!

Digital calendar is a solution for your everyday essential meeting deadlines and tasks. Nothing can do it better than google calendar, and it’s the real solution to for you problems facilitating you with the unique feature of setting up reminders in your phone for extraordinary business events and sometimes personal occasions that are often slipped off due to business.

The best part it’s all automated! It gets connected with your Gmail account and give you automatic updates making it pleasant for the businessmen who have a list of tasks at hand and less focus on the dates. Not subject to the work-related dates you can also add in the category of personal events your memorable moments such as reservations, flights vacations birthdays and much more. With just a glance you can see your entire schedule in your android device within fingertips.  

2. Skype by Microsoft

So you might be well aware of the Microsoft app skype that facilitates effective communication. If you are a social media management company, then you might probably have skype for internal communications all across the organization as well as external clients. And you are not alone, and the truth is 4.9 million users get facilitated with skype endorsing it as a useful communication tool particularly in the corporate world.

Now Skype is readily available on any android devices and is the app worth consideration because of the low costs and smooth performance. Moreover, you can virtually be a part of any project even if you are not at the place.


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3. Evernote

If you still keep with you a pen and a small notebook, then you need to take a step further because now technology has brought you a better option. Evernote is here to assist you in organizing all of your notes in categorized virtual notebooks, and you can put up with and later on discuss the critical points with your team clients and even bosses. It also the right solution when you quickly need to note down the ideas quickly and keep up with the critical points discussed during the hasty calls and making the rough structure of content for your website. The premium version of Evernote gives you a lot more features that you could have even thought of.

4. Dropbox

Past were the days when people use to buy big files and have unique cabinets constructed to store all the business and information there. The organizations are going paperless these days, and the real reason are the new cloud storage options available, it is now safer and preferred among the large organizations to have their data stored online. This way even in any mishaps you have the soft copies of all the information you have.

Dropbox is the best cloud storage option for business with ease of use and flexibility. Moreover, it also gives you the unique feature of editing and even sharing in the email your Microsoft office files even when you are not.

5. Expense manager

If you are deficient in managing your budget, then the expense manager of Android is your real partner. It keeps track of your expenses, to organize your bills, payment and many things. It’s introduced with new tools, inclusive of a currency converter, the automated interest, and tip calculator and you can customize the app as per your preferences. So it gives you a tool to manage a considerable number of your business finances all with fingertips.

6. LinkedIn

Being a working professional, you can get super active on LinkedIn if you are aloof from the modern world. LinkedIn is a beautiful way to get connected with new employees, get in touch with the people of your profession, associate with new clients and build a robust online presence.

The LinkedIn app makes it easy to achieve everything from your Android device.  Moreover with LinkedIn applications categories such as LinkedIn job search, LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn recruiter, LinkedIn slide share and navigator you can do much more and expand your corporate social circle.

7. Business cards

If you are working professional, then it’s not the case that you don’t own a visiting card. But the problem is when you are on a business trip and have no business card to exchange with. Or you meet a client out of nowhere, and they are keen to know more about your business. You can miss out potential opportunities to expand your business, and here the business card app comes in handy. With the application, you no longer need to carry a big bundle of business cards with you. The best part is the person receiving a card don’t need an app to receive it; there are so many ways you can share this app with. And can build online connections.

8. Accomplish To-Do List

The application is way more than just a to-do list organizer, and it’s a complete day planner with some visual features such as graphical planner that let you drag and drop many tasks in daily and weekly calendar. It also gets connected with the google calendar and has a perfect system of giving alerts and reminders so that your essential duties remain a priority throughout the day. If you are an individual with lots of plan and nothing to organize, then this is the application for all your solution.

9. Cloud Manager

The app is mainly designed for ample data storage based on the cloud such as google drive, one drive, drop box, and BOX. With these cloud-based storage options, you can analyze, manage and organize all your data on one location. If you can’t find the service from the free list, then you can most probably add to the in-app purchases so your important files may not be left out.

10. Pocket

Pocket is the ad-free and user-friendly application that facilitates you to clip and save any piece of information anywhere from the internet and continue with it later even if you are not connected. You can also tag and organize your self-composed articles, and there’s an unlimited amount of storage capacity. With the text to speech feature, you can let the pocket read everything for you. Stay in touch with the recent stories and updates from the follows.

In a nutshell

Several individuals don’t give a second thought to the applications for enhancing their business outcome, though as you see these applications are of great help and assist a number of your tasks. So which of these applications are you going to effectively use to overcome the daily challenges you face every day to make your professional life better.


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