Commonly Used Tractor Attachments in Australian Agriculture


Farmers have many devices, gadgets and equipment to aid them in their daily work and in this short article, we take a look at some of the tractor attachments that Aussie farmers use that enables them to manage their farms effectively.

Tractor Attachments
  • Slashers – Take a look at these high-quality grass slashers that are designed to stand the test of time; 40 HP gearbox, 4-series driveshaft with friction clutch. The large rotary blade can easily be removed for sharpening and the construction is rugged. This attachment is ideal for keeping meadows in order and every farmer has one somewhere in his barns.
  • Rotovator – This attachment will plough ground down to about 9 inches and is used when a new piece of land is being used for growing. Hardy stainless-steel blades easily break up hard soil and after this attachment, the discs will break up the soil ready for planting.
  • Discs and chains – A steel framework keeps the chains apart and the discs break up the soil, which promotes growth. They are normally adjustable; all you need is a couple of adjustable spanners and an hour will see the changes made.
  • Stump grinder – Not all farmers would have one of these; it consists of a few circular saw blades that rip into tree stumps, turning them into wood chippings.
  • Spikes and chains – Grazing pasture often needs to be aerated and this is a job for spikes and chains that cur shallow grooves into the ground, allowing it to breathe.
  • Mulchers – Another must-have for most farmers, a mulcher chops up crop residue and grass; multiple gears and a robust construction means years of trouble-free use. Adjustable skids control height and mulching is an annual thing.
  • Grass mowers – Pastures need cutting and with a top-of-the-range mower attachment, you can adjust the height and speed of the blades with gearing. There are about 6 weeks a year when the farmer mows his meadows and it keeps things tidy around the farmhouse and the barns.

If you are looking to buy top-quality farm attachments, start with an online search to find a leading supplier of agricultural equipment. Browse their site and if you want price comparisons, Google is your best friend.